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I can't stop dreaming of spring days, warm sunshine on my skin, and flirty playful dresses.

but since that type of day is weeks away here or requires a plane ride, I'm pretending indoors today that I can get away with wearing this dress. I imagine this pretty number is going to see a lot of love in the following months. 

• • 

also, I'm realizing this is the first peek into the second floor of my home that I've shared! It's the bedroom that connects to the master through a door in the wall, and we've turned it into our personal hang out space. it was previously occupied by my best friend the first year we lived here, but she has since moved out (cue the tears) and it was collecting dust / piles of unfolded laundry. so, we decided it was the perfect space to turn into our little private oasis. because we have people living with us / crashing our guest room weekly, the first floor of our home feels like more of a communal space.

it's still coming along - hence the pile of cords in the corner - but I'm enjoying the process of slowly making it cozy instead of rushing out to buy a thousand things to fill up the empty voids and bare corners. 


  1. I, on the other hand, am dreaming of gloomy days & rain drops on my skin. It's hot here in San Diego! Your home looks cozy to me! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. great dress!


  3. I love the color and style of your couch. Thank you for linking it here and for sharing pics of your home.

  4. Your home is gorgeous. I love how minimalistic it is x

    Erin |

  5. Love the dress... perfect for skipping around at festivals this summer :)

    Ekaete x

  6. Cute look! :) And by the way, I loooooove that couch, so perfect!!


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