I'm still here.


I'm still here, I promise. I intended to take and share a large amount of photos from our trip with you, but I never even took my camera out of the bag the entire ten days we traveled. I love my job. I love photography. I love blogging. I love this incredible community of talented individuals that share their work with the World Wide Web and feel lucky enough to contribute. But this trip was for everything but that. It was nice to feel like a normal human and experience everything; not through my camera lens, but with my own two eyes. Taking in those moments. I will be back in the normal swing of things this week with some recent projects and photographs. 

Side note. One night I ran into the ocean (fully dressed...oy) to look at the stars and dance in the water. A few days later, we met a guy who caught a four foot shark near that same area on the night I ran in to the water. Then during that same day, two ten foot sharks were spotted where we were swimming. I just thought you guys should know. Boom. #sharkweekaintgotnothinonme #hashtaggingonbloggerispointless


  1. It's great that you took time to see everything through your own eyes :)
    When I went away earlier this year, people were shocked at how little photos I took, and I said sorry like I was apologising for living in the moment rather than thinking of capturing it! Everybody needs a break like that sometimes :)
    ALthough, I can't wait to see your future photos xx

  2. For some reason, I have this strange attraction to the title.
    Anyways, the photo you took is fantastic!


  3. I get what you mean by seeing everything with your own eyes and not through a lens. They say photographs last longer, but I like memories better.


  4. I love how you said you ran into the ocean to look at the stars and dance in the water. It just sounds so magical.

  5. I know exactly how you feel -- I've been on several trips lately where I haven't even bothered to bring my camera. It feels odd but nice taking a break; just "living in the moment." You know.
    YEAH for the salt life! #hahayourhashtags

  6. You are still alive - this is important and great! But to be honest this doesn´t astonish me because I´m sure you have to much to finish on this world that it´s absolutely necessary that you live very long <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  7. I love what you said about how you were experiencing it with your own eyes, i feel like that a lot and often come back from places with no pictures at all. Also, the photo is stunning.

  8. Ha! Oh my goodness your hashtags are toooo good. And, dancing is in the ocean is magical, and I'm glad no sharks ate you! Hehe!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  9. I love reading your blog.
    Great writing!!! :)


  10. Mental photography is the very best, you always get the best zoom and the panoramic view all at one glance...
    The shark story, yikes! You definitely have a lot to do still in this world... :) Someone is truly looking out for you :)

    Much love,

  11. I love that photo, Your blog is full of inspiration!.


  12. I absolutely understand this camera thing. :) During my trip in Finland I had to force myself to take photographs because it was such a pleasure to watch and see these new things, not through my viewfinder. :) We have to take a break sometimes, yes. It must be a faboluos holiday, have fun!

  13. ahhh, so crazy! love your 'pointless' hashtags ;) i bet that was one of the best moments of the whole trip. i love that you just took time for yourself without worrying about having photos. i find myself fighting with that sometimes. xo

  14. i love when photographers/bloggers can put the camera down and just enjoy life through their own eyes. we all need to do this more, i think. inspiring post.

  15. I love that you told the time from being a blogger/photographer, and just experienced things from your own eyes.
    It's always great to take a break from all of what's around us, and just enjoy things from what we already have.
    And go you with the sharks! Glad you didn't get bitten!

  16. dang, that is scary about the sharks!! i may be too scared to swim in the pacific once we live close to it.. think it's pretty cold near Portland anyhow.


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