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you might notice some new ink on my left arm. this piece is so special to me. i got it a few months back with a pal who was visiting from out of town. the triangle glyph represents 'understanding and empathy' - the hands represent releasing that empathy onto everyone i encounter in life. empathy has been one of the greatest actions that i feel heavily i need to give towards others. i have seen empathy heal, restore, encourage vulnerability, and allow change for good. i have seen it break walls of hate, and create the most beautiful friendships. i have seen it allow those hurting and alone to find comfort in community. 

ps, how beautiful are these moonstone rings?! I received them last week from from their 'Moonstone Magic Jewelry Collection' and I'm so in love. I've been using one them as my wedding band since it arrived in the mail and i love having a new option to choose from. click on the photo to get the look here:


  1. Stunning images and I really like the meaning behind your new ink, that's some beautiful thoughts you have behind it <3

    1. Thank you, Rania! I really appreciate that. <3

  2. Love these photos so much girlfriend. The edits are gorgeous & I adore the fam photo. So pretty.


  3. Gorgeous photos and I love your dress!

    - Liz


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