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Kansas City House Tour

my pal, Kaley asked if she could snap some at home photos with me, Josh, and the pup this time around. (you can see her last "at home" session with us here.)
these photos are so precious to me. our first home together, sharing the quiet moments that make this life our own. thank you friend, I'll cherish these forever.


  1. these are gorgeous, you two. i would love to have some images taken in our home, you're so lucky to have someone you trust enough to let into your space!

    ariana x

  2. These are such beautiful shots!!

    Meg | Elmpetra

  3. Well, these are some most romantic and lovely pictures I have ever seen over web. These are full of love, innocence, compatibility and more. I loved the couple very much. Wish you a great time ahead.



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