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simply fall in love.

"I fall in love regularly,
with each person whom
passes me in the streets,
or who sits beside me on the bus.
Not in the romantic way;
No, we hardly even speak a word to each other. 
But I sit, quietly observing
all of their body language and
all of their expressions.
Their smiles, and gestures;
the way they lift their coffee, 
or smile as they read that new text message,
or count the change in their hands. 
I watch vigilantly, tracking the
manners and movements,
appreciating all that these
people are.
I spend some time thinking about 
their families and lives,
and the life they lead. 
I consider what they do for work,
and what they went to school for.
When they woke up that morning,
and when they did their hair. 
I study the details of
these people, that they may
otherwise go unnoticed.
Researching each of them,
noting our similarities, and
rejoicing in the beauty of
human nature.
I simply fall in love."


  1. truly needed to read this today.
    so lovely.

  2. Lovely. That photo is my new favorite :)

  3. "I fall in love regularly...I simply fall in love." Love this post, a good one to start off the week. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Dee |

  4. so beautiful and i kind of needed to read something like that today.

    xo, allie

  5. this is so special.
    bella x

  6. the beauty of just noticing

  7. This is just beyond amaziiiiiing!

    - Joyce |

  8. Love this so much! I love people watching, makes me think about how everyone has their own story. Beautiful poem! glad to find someone who is loving like me. :)


  9. This is so beautiful and so recognizable. I do the same :)

  10. So very beautiful! The picture and the words!

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  13. This is absolutely beautiful...I think I've found my new favourite poem <3

  14. Beautiful poem


  15. Adore! You have a lovely way with both words and images. A true artist at heart and sincere to boot!


    Laurali Star

  16. I love this! I spend a lot of time wondering about other people I see around me; how they live day to day, what their job is and the little details about their lives. This describes it perfectly : )

    Kristin |

  17. This is why I love your blog <3 <3 <3

  18. Sending this off to a friend

  19. Beautiful poem! Every time I take the bus, subway... I can't help but imagine life of this unknowns...

  20. My bones are singing with the resonance these words left in them. Beautiful's a good word, I'll share it with everyone else.

  21. Dear Kinsey,

    Oh my goodness. So I just stumbled across your blog and I'm blown away. Your words are so beautiful and clear and straightforward. Captivating. And your pictures are amazing. <3 This poem is absolutely lovely and I can relate to it so well. I find myself wondering about people and their lives so much. Keep on writing, thinking, being who you are. I'll be following with interest. (;


  22. Thank you for this! Really - so much!

  23. So Incredibly Magical. You have an Amazing gift.

  24. Absolutely beyond beautiful.

    The photograph is lovely, but what really grabs me is the sentiment - so truthful and honest. I think we could all live life a little more fully, in love and appreciative of the things we have.

    Rachael @

  25. This is beautiful! I just discovered your blog today and I have fallen in love!


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