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Get Inspired.

image by the phenomenal Chantel Anderson . 

Spending the day getting inspired by people all around the globe. Whenever I feel like I'm in a funk or a rut, I like to spend a few hours browsing the work of fellow photographers, artists, bloggers, and musicians. There are so many people out there sharing and living out their passions. It's inspiring, encouraging, and a reminder to always challenge and push yourself to become a greater you. Who inspires you lately? 

p.s. Here's my playlist for the day. Enjoy.


  1. I totally agree. After being swamped with work and school, I feel like I don't know where all my creativity went. Now that schoolwork isn't draining the life out of me, I want to focus my creativity and get out of this rut in time for the holidays.


  2. Hey Kinsey! Remember the blog post I mentioned you in? Well I linked to your hubbie and a handful of other artists from all different mediums in it too. You should check it out! Http://

  3. I agree. It's important to look at others as form of inspiration. I truly love your pictures and look at them every time I get a chance. this one in particular is amazing, I love the pink!
    Belen new post, visit me :)

  4. I do this a lot too, and I try not to get depressed by the fact that I'm NOT doing what I love and see it as an inspiration instead.

    I find inspiration here a lot, in your beautiful photos and DIY beauty. I love them. I'm very inspired by your blog and lifestyle.

    I also love A Girl Named Leney ( Her photos are wonderful as well, and I find her knitting projects so inspiring. She is actually what inspired me to learn REAL knitting, instead of a loom.


  5. I'm grateful that I've found so many people that inspire me. I need all the inspiration I can get. :)

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  6. I agree, inspiration is invaluable. And you truly inspire me! Lovely playlist!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  7. Great playlist!


  8. Loving your blog. :) You're a lovely human being. Thanks for sharing such classic music, too!


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