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Flower Child // Hair Tutorial

With the cold weather in our midst, I've had to let go of putting flowers in my hair, at least for a few months. But I wanted to have a fall back plan that was a bit more season appropriate, yet still had a bohemian feel to it. Take a look below to see how I created this look.

 Supplies: necklace chain, bobbypin, small hairbands, brush, straightener or curling iron, hairspray.

1// Begin by parting your hair down the middle.
2// To create the braids, take a small section on one side of your part. Take the chain and with a bobby pin, attach it to the top of the section. To make the braiding easier, leave a little bit of extra chain at the top so that it doesn't slide out of the bobbypin. Start braiding with two strands of hair and the chain as a substitution for the other strand. Once you're about halfway through the braid, pull the chain down so that the end near the top of the section becomes hidden behind the other strands. Once you've braided all the way down, secure it with a hairband. Repeat this on the opposite side.
3// Next, take these two strands, and attach them together at the back of your head with a hair band. Once they are attached together, remove the other hair bands that were holding the braid together.
4// Then, curl your hair in large sections. I divided mine into four separate sections. You can judge how many sections you'll need to curl depending on the thickness of your hair.
5// Next, take the brush and begin teasing the curls. Once you've given them great volume, carefully brush them out, creating loose, untamed waves.
6// As needed, apply hair spray for an extra hold.
7// Lastly, add a bit more volume by scrunching your hair after you've applied the hair spray.
8// voilĂ ! 

I really think I've adopted this as my new, winter look; particularly to dress up my outfit on those extra cold days, when all I want to do is wear an over-sized sweatshirt and jeans. Uh oh.


  1. Very pretty Kinsey:) I used to do this with lace! I love the chain accent.


  2. This is so beautiful. Simple and elegant.
    I love it!

  3. Beautiful! Love this hairstyle!

  4. ahh i love this! pinning :)

  5. This is so pretty! I'm going to try this soon. I wish I had a gold chain but silver will have to do. So cute and simple but it adds a lot! That's my type of accessory ;) Thank you for the tutorial! I love them all.
    xx Natalia

  6. it's stunning!


  7. So very pretty.


  8. super cute, I've got to get a chain!

    -Deana from birds&oxfords

  9. Umm.. I'm kind of in love with this.


  10. So darling :) Too bad I can't do this with my hair.... and i just have to ask, where did you get that cardigan?

  11. So pretty... I'm always kind of lost on how to style a boho look in the winter. You've done a lovely job :)
    xo Jac

  12. Great hair. Glad you made this tutorial.

  13. awesome hair tutorials! Looks so cute *-* Unfortunatelly my hairs are to short and curly for this :(

    *My Blog*

    LG, Anira

  14. You are beautiful :)

  15. thank you for this awesome tutorial :)

  16. I love it!! My hair is just long enough to do it so there would be enough of a tail once the two braids are connected! Very pretty!!

    Ergo - Blog

  17. I can't wait to do braids when my hair is long enough.

  18. Super lovely! It would be even more awesome if you had some close-up pictures of both the process and the finished product. :)

  19. Ditto. All I've been interested in lately are oversized sweaters, leggings or jeans with boots..This hairstyle definitely does dress things up a bit though :)

    Kathleen of


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