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    Summer has sparked a feeling of new beginnings, learning, and growing in the passions I love most. I've found in my own experiences that times where we desire to grow in our craft, we can be hit with a spell of anxiousness. But it's so important to channel that energy to inspire and encourage us to be determined to grow, learn, and be excited for what the future holds! It's easy to become discouraged when we see where we want to be, whether in skill, talent, experience, or life circumstances in general; but we can control our perspectives of the journey of growth. Learning doesn't always (and usually never) involves an overnight change. But oh how beautiful learning can be, so I'm focusing on soaking up each learning process life's journey holds; to let far off goals not become burdens, but beautiful, exciting dreams!

    Something I've found to be very encouraging and keeps me on track is planning. Planning how you're going to grow in your skill takes off so much unknown stress and pressure! I have a notebook I write out lists, goals, and inspiration I have for the future. I try and write a general goal list, usually broken up by large steps or over long periods of time. Then I try to write out more detailed lists, broken up by small tasks and learning steps to be accomplished over a few weeks time. Seeing the small steps accomplished are a definite confidence boost in continuing to strive towards the ultimate goals.

What have you learned from your own experience when it comes to channeling your energy towards positive growth? I would genuinely love to know.

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Now, off to soak up the weekend sun. xx

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  1. I love the feelings that summer brings. <33

  2. I love posts like this, it really makes me take a min and think..ur rite kinsey planning is important, something i have been lacking of recent..

    Hope ur having a great weekend


  3. What have you learned from your own experience when it comes to channeling your energy towards positive growth? I would genuinely love to know.

    -Probably, that I can't take on too much, and finding the balance is just as satisfying as achieving my goal.

    Rose Eva

  4. I have learned to be positive, work hard and never give up!

    What a wonderful post it really made my night! You are right lets be excited not in a hurry!

    :) Courtney

  5. uh i definitely need to start planning my goals-i have so much that i want to do but i just need to write it down and get on it! going on my to do list now!

  6. Truth. Oh, and the song is most excellent as well!


  7. Lovely :)


  8. Areally thought - provoking post Kinsey.

    I think goal setting is so important - I love to make lists and tick things off.

    I also think it's important to make time to daydream - lots of my Etsy ideas come to me this way.


  9. Your posts are always so amazing! I can't describe why, but I love reading them, love seeing your photos and love the feelings which they give me...

  10. Wow, it feels like you plucked this right from my head. It's been a week of self doubt for me but it's always nice to know I'm not alone with these feelings.
    Thanks for the encouragement to keep trucking on x

  11. I totally had the summer feeling this morning when the sun came streaming through my window - LOVE! X

  12. I´m in love for your blog, it´s so cute. Now i´m following you, if you like to follow each other go to and give me your opinion too.


  13. lovely post kinsey! reminds me of what my mom once told me (how appropriate, huh?)--I was telling her about dreams & goals I had, & she said to me, "that sounds wonderful--but what are you going to do TODAY?" It always reminds me that lofty dreams are made up of lots of little steps!

  14. Hey Kinsey,
    This post reminds me of my life right now!
    I do exactly what you do - I fill notebooks with lists of big plans, and to-do lists; and then as time goes by, I break down each task into smaller, more manageable to-do lists. It's so satisfying to cross them off, and to add new lists, as time goes by and I get fresh new ideas.

    It's so great to look back at your notebooks after a few months, and see how much you've achieved - it's always lots more than I ever remember too! Looking forward to that feeling at the end of this summer - I'm planning on achieving a LOT :)

    Keep up the great work, and good luck with all your beautiful projects.

    Katie. xxx

  15. i feel like every turn of the seasons gets me thinking of new beginnings. actually, i don't have a particular favorite season exactly because my favorite parts of the year are the times at which one season turns into the other :)
    i loved that song, too.

  16. I love this post!

    I've found that music always gets me motivated whether it's in a new project or i'm working on or just studying for a test, music always gets me going. And not to mention surrounding yourself from positive friends always helps!

    p.s I love the idea of having a journal filled with goals definitely going to give it a try!:)


  17. Here is the link of my blog-post, so that you can see how I presented your blog:

    I tanslated the text into english, so that you can read it too :)

    By Änna

  18. I've never been much of a goal-setter, but this year I've done two new (for me) things:
    1. I started keeping a little spreadsheet to track the important measurements in my business. I don't have really concrete goals for each area but just knowing where I am makes such a big difference in helping me see where I'm going.
    2. I decided last fall to pick one character quality that I wanted to cultivate each month. I figure that Who I'm becoming is more important than What I'm doing. Last month was Leadership and this month is Charity/Generosity. Each month presents a new challenge, and new opportunities for growth. It's been fun!

    Thanks for this thought-provoking post!


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