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Weekly Round Up

This past week was a whirlwind of happiness. 

We went:
 We took our sweet little niece on a date to the park, which just so happens to be her favorite new place. It's such a wonderful reminder to watch little ones experience things for the first time, especially the moments we take for granted the older we become.

We took:  
(We are nerds)
We photographed a wedding this weekend, and they had the most creative reception I've ever been to; plus the best photo booth I've ever seen.

I made:
I'm currently working on a new blog design. I'm still debating on when to make the official switch, but I'm really looking forward to the future look of Sincerely, Kinsey. Right now it is mostly in the planning/brain storming stage. I'm trying to learn almost all of the coding myself. While it's a bit intimidating, I feel it will be a very beneficial learning process. But we'll see how it goes; I might end up asking for some help along the way. :)

We listened to:
Just a small dose of Fleet Foxes to keep us going..
Grown Ocean by Fleet Foxes on Grooveshark

I'm off to go photograph a pretty lady for a spring inspired shoot. I couldn't be more delighted with the overall vibe we have planned and I'm really looking forward to see the outcome. Hope your Monday has been lovely.



  1. Beautiful pictures. Seems like you had a lot of fun with your niece.


  2. This was such a cute post. I absolutely adore your blog, it's so inspiring. It's one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own, it just looks so fun and creative. Your niece is so adorable! Also, the wedding theme does look pretty different, I'm a huge fan.

  3. i think your new blog design sounds great...looking forward to it. I just love that picture. :)

  4. that wedding ring is so beautiful!!! adorable pictures :)

  5. you always have such great pics! we took our baby boy to the park too! can't wait for your new design!

  6. When i started my blog, i had absolutely NO idea about html coding and such stuff! And i learned everything just to change my custom, not very nice, google profil. It was difficult, yeah, and i spend many sleepless night, oh yeah, but i think i did a good job for such a beginner! =)

    (New blog needing some love:  In Whirl of Inspiration )

  7. I'm planning a blog design overhaul right now too. Seems like we're both in the planning stages... I think its just something about spring time that makes you want to have a fresh start when you can. To me the hardest part is the color palette! YIKES : )

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. I love love love the idea of putting the rings over the gummy bears! So original. I also can't wait to see your new blog design. You aesthetic is lovely.

  9. When you figure out the template codes PLEASE keep me posted. I am currently trying to do it now. I think I have spent far too many hours on it. haha.
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  10. I stumbled upon your blog for the first time today and love your site Kinsey! Especially your photography and creative DIY's. I'm sure your new look will be great!

  11. That gummy bear/wedding ring photo is awesomesauce! I am currently in the brainstorming stage of a blog redesign as well. After less than a month of blogging I contracted someone to design a blog for me and even though she did everything I asked of her and the design turned out great, it just doesn't feel like "me." Plus, I think I will be more proud of my blog if I design everything myself. Long story short, your blog looks great as is, but I think a makeover would be really fun :)

  12. Your little niecey looks sooo adorable!

  13. Loved everything about this post! Made me smile from Picture #1 (seriously, laughing babies are the best) - all up until the wedding photo booth pictures! That's the best photo booth set-up I've ever seen (:

  14. Those gummi bear pics are the greatest thing ever!


  15. gummy bear ring holders... YES!!!! love love love it!

  16. do i lava your blog?? definitely! you have the cutest ideas and photos on here! and that song is the best! it makes me want to get up and dance:)

    {just} sara

  17. I just started following you a couple days ago and already I can see that I am really gonna like your posts. Your fashion is marvelous and I am excited to see what's to come.

    Your page is beautiful as is, but I have no doubt it'll be gorgeous when you're done with your redesign.

    Good Luck!


  18. The pictures are beautiful. :)

  19. So many beautiful photos! I love the gummy bear/ring photo! So cute!!!
    Can't wait to see the new design!

    xo Kayla

  20. Great pics!

    Excited to see your new blog design. I taught myself HTML and CSS 13 years ago (when I was 13, haha!) and I'm SO glad I learned (it's my job now)! It will definitely make things easier for you in the future!

  21. love those sweet baby pics. and the dress you are wearing in the swing pic! oh my :) im redesigning my blog a bit in the background too. the patient part of making things live as you do them is the hardest part for me! and i too have learned all the html coding as i go. it really does teach you alot, although its super time consuming. but in the end, it gets easier as you go and you learn so much. cant wait to see the new changes!

  22. Such an awesome looking wedding!! :) I adore the gummy bear ring bearer photos. :) Also good luck with your coding! I used to web design and just started with blogger, so it's a new fun thing to play around with! Coding can be a lot of fun I think and a great way to waste a lot of time too, lol.

    Just started reading blogs and found yours randomly (sorry for lurking!) but if you need or want any help let me know! Been looking for a new hobby.

  23. Gorgeous pictures.. it is always fun to take babies to the park.. you never know what fascinates them.. and the joy on their faces when they discover it is priceless..
    The gummy bears are so cute.


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