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Weekly Round Up

I can't believe this past week is over. It seems like one busy, blissful blur. Two of our dear friends got hitched over the weekend, so we've been in full wedding prep mode all week. I had the privilege of photographing and creating the ceremony decor, and Josh was in the wedding party. It couldn't have been a more beautiful, celebration worthy day. Apart from that, we've attempted (note I'm throwing out that word lightly) to unpack our belongings and strive for a sense of organization in our new space. Plus with working, editing, and blogging, I've barely had time to catch my breath. I'm definitely one to find meaning, purpose, and mile marks in everything we do (Josh has become accustomed to photos and memorable playlists for every occasion- what a guy). So I've really enjoyed writing this post, letting me look back and truly take in such a wonderful week.
All that being said, here's a mini round up of what our week has looked like..

I wore:
 Francesca's asked me to take a few photos for their "Bloggers We Love" email blast to their subscribers. A proper outfit post coming tomorrow.

We went:
  We treated ourselves to an all day date on Saturday. We started it off right with chocolate chip pancakes at our favorite hole-in-the-wall diner a few blocks away.

I took:

 Here's a quick preview from this weekend..

I listened to:
Sleepy Head by kinsey mhire on Grooveshark
Passion Pit has been my go to this week. It's funny how music can be such an energy boost at 3am. Plus, Sleepy Head seemed quite relevant at the time. ;)

I read:
 I've recently discovered Ali Mitton, a photographer based in Australia, and I'm positively smitten. Each image has beauty captivated in such an elegant, dream-like form. Take a look at her site; you're sure to fall madly in love.

Also, Sincerely, Kinsey was featured in Gadchick Magazine last week. Check out a fun camera DIY on page 11!

p.s. A lot of you have recently asked what camera I use and a few editing questions. I use a Canon 7D and primarily shoot with a 50mm 1.4. For editing I use Photoshop CS3 and a mix of various actions I've collected and created throughout the years.
All of your sweet questions have got me thinking it's about time to write a FAQ page. So, if you have any questions you would like to ask, please email me at If it's not included in the FAQ page, I will respond to your personal email! Thank you for being the greatest readers a gal could ask for. 

Wishing you a happy happy happy week.

- Kins.


  1. Your photography is so amazing! You are super talented, girl. :)


  2. I can't wait to see the wedding shoot! :)

  3. curious to see the wedding shoot too!

    and thanks for the link to the site of ali mitton, i love her work!

  4. I found you through a Francesca's email yesterday! Love your blog! xoxo A-

  5. Teehee I adore Passion Pit. What good taste you have.
    And I just love your top in that photo, what I lovely shade. IWantOne. <3

  6. You are an amazing photographer, I always look to your blog for inspiration to my own.
    Sending love, Dalila <3

  7. Beatuful photographs! I love checking them out all the time. xo, rv

  8. What a pretty post! The happy couple looked so beautiful. :)


  9. I love you and your photography :) Lovely as always

    Check out my blog:

  10. Your photos are AHmazing girlie!!! And I love your outfit in the first picture. Super cutie patootie!

  11. Love your polka dot top, hun. You are so gorgeous!

    xoxo -

  12. That photo of the bride and groom makes my heart melt...they just look so in love. Can't wait to see the rest! :)

    <3 Lauren Alyse

  13. So beautiful! Love all your photos!

    found the route

  14. girl, you are too cool! looks like you had a fun weekend!

  15. Ah, I love this song! Sounds like a great weekend, can't wait to see more photos!

  16. Oooh, girl I can't wait for your outfit post. SO CUTE!

    xo. -brittany

  17. Kinsey,

    I've been so inspired by your mini playlists. Love them.
    I love how music defines situations and traps memories for years to come.
    xo. Little Miss

  18. mmm like this music girl! it would be great for working out :)!!



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