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Current Obsessions | Weekend Happiness

I'm on cloud nine this weekend and rightfully so. We moved all of our belongings into our loft as of yesterday. Rabbit trail: While unpacking, I came to the conclusion that no one should ever be allowed to own as many coffee cups as we do. I never realized how much of an obsession I have until I tackled the never-ending bin of mugs... We currently have no internet, so I might become a familiar face to the coffee shop across the street. One more excuse to get my daily mocha fix; something I am 100% okay with. 

Here are some sweet finds I'm currently infatuated over..
 photo #1, #2, #3
 These photos are our home inspiration. We love the combinations of wood and simplicity. Rooms like this give such a hopeful, airy vibe; perfect for creating that itch to start brain stormin'.
So true and such a thoughtful reminder.
Please forgive me for wanting to include them in every possible post that is even slightly befitting. It's a habit I never plan to fix. I'm too smitten with everything those creative masterminds lay their hands on. Sigh..
 floral swimsuit? I'll take two, please.

Josh and I have been making playlists to remind us of our first week in our new home. There is nothing sweeter than associating favorite tunes with cherished memories. 

Plus, all these lovely posts by some talented folk:
printable floral tags just in time for spring, a creative
Tote DIY, & and this pretty Deer print shirt DIY.

Hope your weekend was just as lovely.


  1. That floral swimsuit is way to cute to pass up! xo, rv

  2. I actually collect coffee mugs and tea I believe that you can never have too many. You never know when you'll have a giant party and everyone will need caffeine! ;)

  3. so much good stuff squeezed into one post!!

  4. I'm so in love with the Free People images...I swear everything they do is perfect.

  5. Beautiful inspiring pictures and I the floral swimsuit is amazing!


  6. I love the idea of making playlists to create certain memories, such a good idea and one that I'm definitely going to replicate!

    Lovely post!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  7. beautiful inspiring images!

  8. Wow, you always have the prettiest pictures and the best music! It's a pleasure!

  9. lovely pics! kisses from Spain!

  10. Lovely and inspiring pictures! :)
    That swimsuit is gorgeous.

  11. Love the post. When do we get to see your new place?


  12. i love the deconstructed, imperfect details in the apartment photos.
    it just seems like my dream home.

  13. beautiful and inspirational


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