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Weekly Round Up

This week...

I went:
We took a little road trip to Wisconsin this weekend for Josh's surprise birthday present.

I took:
Some sweet engagement photos of Dustin and Chelsea. I'm looking forward to their wedding this summer.

I made: 

I listened to:
The Girl by City and Colour on Grooveshark

I wore:
My "cabin fever" sweater, as I like to call it. 

I read:
Photo via Guy Aroch
 the prettiest post by Stolen from Grandma,
Dream Book Design 's never ending supply of lovely photo finds,
and a lovely post by Studded Hearts of the ever so beautiful Alexa Chung and talented Guy Aroch.

 We've also filled the week with non stop photos (something you can never complain about), remodeling the shop one wall at a time, spending much needed time with the ones we love most, and have officially put our first deposit down on our very own loft. It will be completely renovated by the middle of the month and we can barely wait to move in. Life truly is so beautiful. I am the most blessed.

Hope your week was just as inspiring. xx


  1. all of this is just perfection. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Looks like a wonderful time. :)

  3. I bet the rest of those engagement pictures are beautiful! xo, rv

  4. Looks like your week was fantastic :)

  5. Fantastic weeks are the best. ♥

  6. Your week was very good. I just had a wonderful week.

  7. What an adorable engagement shot! :) Loving your photography!!!

  8. sounds perfectly lovely. what a dream you're living!

  9. Kinsey,
    So glad you love the photos I round up every Monday. I figured its always nice to start off the week with some beautiful inspiration:) Happy Monday

    Dream Book Design

  10. I love the engagement photo and the print! Also, where did you get those darling boots?

  11. Love the sweet print you made.
    But most of all I love what you said " Life truly is so beautiful. I am the most blessed."
    For, aren't we all the most blessed? We just need to learn to see the many blessings God's given each of us.
    xo. Little Miss

  12. Anonymous-
    They are from Forever 21! xx

  13. Gorgeous pictures! I especially like the print you made.

    xo katrina


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