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Current Obsessions | Winter Inspiration

I'm surprised really. I would normally be downhearted and dreary this time of year. I'm a fair weather type of gal so you can imagine how I feel when a good snow rolls around. The winter has not been kind to me in the past, but on the contrary, I am feeling an ample amount of inspiration these days. I have a hunch since these chilly days have prevented me from taking my normal amount of photos, it's been the source of my creating projects on a daily basis. It's been a really nice creative outlet, something I've realized I will always need in my life. Lately, I've been drawn to painting and catch myself automatically gallivanting straight to the paint aisles of every craft store I visit.

Here are a few muses that have inspired me these past few weeks. 
It is essential that this print ends up on my wall one of these days. 
If only I could have a sewing room just like so. I have a feeling I would spend all my days cooped up in its pretty lighting. 
I fell in love the moment I was introduced to DahliaDahlia Fashion is the creation of two sisters with exquisite style who pay attention to delicate details. I would be the happiest of girls if all of their dresses magically appeared in my closet. Confession: I'm secretly hoping my husband reads that last statement..
Speaking of prints, Mr. Nashgill's work has always had a soft spot on my heart. 
 Husband style at its finest. Last time I took a trip to Kansas City, Josh wasn't able to come with. Thankfully, we are planning a road trip there for Valentines Day so raiding the racks at H&M will definitely be on our to do list. 
I promise I won't mention her in every current obsession post. But let's all be honest, Zooey Deschanel is worthy to obsess over. A New Girl episode and a cup of peppermint coffee have become a frequent evening occasion for me.
January Lust by kinsey mhire on Grooveshark
Lastly, playlists like this have been a source of inspiration all their own. Here is a mini version of what my ears have been getting a dose of lately.
What has kept you inspired during these cold, winter months? xxo


  1. love the first picture!

  2. Love Dahlia! How gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I've been dying to do some art projects and paintings lately as well, great inspiration, gal. And I agree, Ms. Zooey is definitely worthy.

  4. great collection!!! have a happy weekend!!

    allister bee blog

  5. I love the Zoey D photos :) She's too cute!

  6. Absolutely in love with the urbanoutfitters print. It's perfect.

  7. Anything to remind me that it will be spring one day. That's what's keeping me inspired lately. I'm not a cold weather person either!

  8. So many inspirational beautiful things! Great post


  9. Gosh, these are inspirational. (: I especially love the cowboy one!!

  10. 'The Winner Is' is such a beautiful song. I love seeing other people listening to it!

  11. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! A bit of Sigur Ros is exactly what I needed x

  12. I love all of your interesting styles and inspirations! I also love your taste in music! It's fantastic! Guess who's found a brand new band to fall head over heels for!? :D Swoon~~~ <3

  13. pretty sure i'm obsessed with zooey too, she's so cute :)

  14. The photo of Zooey with the water gun reminds me of how Cassie from Skins always had a water gun full of water with her in the first season! :P

  15. my current obsession/inspiration is soaking in the bathtub at night and catch up on reading magazines - popular photography, american photo, outdoor photography, and craft,papers, scissors!


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