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A few recent obsessions that have me completely smitten. Take a glimpse..
I'm loving everything J. Crew, always.
image found via pinterest
It's official. We are getting inked this month. I'm an even combination of excitement and nervousness. It's going to be on my spine...yikes. But it will be well worth the payoff.
LF Look Book's are stunning to say the least. 
I got an Urban Outfitters gift card for Christmas and I have a feeling it's going to go towards this pretty little rug. 
 I've had a crush on Anette Pehrsson's work for quite some time now. Her work captivates the eye and charms the soul. Her photos have not yet ceased to amaze me. A hunch I've got is that one of her prints will be hanging on my wall sooner than later.

Oh, and this video. I could be wrong, but I believe the boy in the video heard First Aid Kit was putting on a small show, but by the time he got there they were already done playing. But they so sweetly played one more song (that just so happens to be one of my favorites) just for him. One more reason to find them positively adorable.

What are your current obsessions as of late? xx


  1. Oh my, that song is lovely.


  2. I love J.Crew too. So classy. xo, rv

  3. thats one of my favorite first aid kit songs too :). currently i'm obsessing about vintage melmac plasticware. i'm moving out in february and i just think their so cute :). also, i just discovered the middle east and the avett brothers. such good music. love the annette pehrsson photos! so haunting.

  4. Love that rug and the LF lookbook!! Gemma, the Avett Brothers are my favorite, they are great live too! I'll have to check out First Aid Kit. I am obsessing over western prints, boots, and dresses. In 2012 I'm going to wear hats!

  5. Such beautiful photos! And I absolutely love First Aid Kit... they have the most beautiful harmonies!

  6. Guess what? Now I'm obbessed with Anette's work. ♥

  7. your blog is absolutely stunning. i am so inspired already!

    also, is it your first tattoo? i have a very large owl side piece and i'm just warning ya, spine hurts quite a bit!

  8. That First Aid Kit song is ideal! Heading onward now to find more of their songs -- thanks!


  9. I love First Aid Kit as well, I'm essentially stalking them when they're in BK next! Also, your wedding photos are so lovely!

  10. what kind of tattoo are you going to get? I got one recently too- a vintage camera:
    That rug is really pretty. I love the bright colors.

  11. Kinsey, I love all this! Always love to see your tastes and ideas :)

    I just started my own fashion blog finally so if you check it out, please let me know what you think :) I value your opinion!

  12. First of all thank you for introducing me to these ladies. Secondly, they have a free single on Itunes this week from their new album! I just wanted to share the exciting news! :)

  13. I love the look in the first photo.

  14. Ahh a private performance by First Aid Kit?! Amazing! Thanks for sharing that video. And your loft looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it fully decorated. :)


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