Tips for Blogging on a Busy Schedule // New Year's Resolutions

   I can't help but smile when someone finds out about my blog and replies with, "I can't believe you have time to sit down and write a blog!" Or, "It must be nice to have all that free time!" If only blogging was that simple. For anyone who has attempted to conquer the art of blogging, you know this is far from the case. Blogging takes hours out of your day and days out of your week. It's hands on, taking creativity, inspiration, and motivation. It needs consistency, scheduling, and a system that works for that individual. Over the past year, I've learned a lot about a balanced schedule for my blog. With working at Red Velvet, photography, and blogging, I usually work about 60-80 hours a week, so I definitely have to have an organized schedule to maintain all my responsibilities while still making time for those most important to me.

So that being said, below are five tips that have helped me to establish a more organized, effective way of blogging. Enjoy!

1// Creating Consistency Amongst Topics:

   Creating consistent topics to post about can give you clarity of what a blogging week will look like. This shouldn't constrict you to talking about only these topics, but more help you in knowing what your strongest types of posts are. Here on SK, I focus on photography, D.I.Y. projects, and fashion related things. I try to stay within these three topics, because I feel like they are my stronger points, but that doesn't mean I can't venture out from them. For example, instead of an outfit post for a fashion topic for the week, I might share a recent lookbook that I really enjoyed or a wish list of my favorite current trends.

Staying within a few topics not only help you focus and grow in specific strengths, but will also attract a consistent readership because they will know that they can count on you to continue posting about the topics they love and started following you for in the first place. Again though, it doesn't mean you have to always stay within the realm of a few topics, but more so help create a consistent, balanced form of posting. 

2// Creating a Schedule:

   Creating a schedule for your blog is one of the best ways to stay stress free when blogging. It allows you to see the big picture and see which areas need more time and effort. My goal is to blog four to six times a week, which can seem like a lot at first, but breaking it down into a schedule make it accessible and doable. 

The photo above is what a blogging week might look like for me. As I mentioned in the first tip, I blog within the realm of three main topics; Photography, Craft Projects, and Fashion. The week above consisted of:

1. Buckle Strap Boots DIY Inspiration
2. Outfit Post
3. Sequins Cardigan DIY
4. Bridal Session
5. Outfit Post
6.  Giveaway

  Writing out a schedule ahead of time can prepare you to know when's the best time to publish each post. Plus, it helps me to prepare new ideas for the week ahead. Staying a step ahead in the game is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. The weeks I'm frantically trying to gather a post together are the times that I start to feel insecure about my content and lack new, fresh ideas. Organization, for me, sparks the best type of motivation.

3// Setting Aside a Specific Time to Blog:

   Monday is my "blog" day. I try to spend Sunday evening jotting down ideas and making a supply list. This step really prepares me for the next day so that I don't waste the whole morning scrambling to put together a to-do list. On Monday, I start the day early, shopping for supplies for all the projects for that week, then come home and tackle every project I can. About an hour before sunset, I bring along all the wearable projects and one to three outfit posts and take photographs with my husband at a local spot. Yes, one to three outfit posts at a time. I don't know about you, but this thought bugged me at first. I thought it meant I was being dishonest if I didn't actually wear it "that" day that I posted it, but that's not the case at all. I always make sure I'm wearing outfits that I would definitely wear on a day to day basis (I usually do later on that week anyway), and write the text for the photos the day I post it so that it's valid with how I'm feeling and what I'm doing that day. I don't always have the chance to do this tactic, but it's always helpful in a time aspect. Lastly, I'll dump all the photos onto my harddrive, and organize and edit them so that all my posts for the week are only a few steps away from hitting publish. Try finding a morning/afternoon/or whole day to dedicate to making and photographing your blog posts for the week. This will help you not only feel less stressed, but inclined to think more positively for the week ahead.

  4// Create an Inspiring/Distraction Free Atmosphere  

   We all do it. Open up our phone and next thing we know, we've been scrolling through Instagram for 20 minutes. The times I get the most work done is when I have no distractions. My biggest distractions are my phone, a messy room, movies, and other websites I love to check. Start by working in an organized environment. Clean your work space, add a candle (I actually bought a "you only get to burn me if you're working on the blog/photos" candle. Dorky? Extremely), and some inspirational decor. Work in a space that you actually like to be in. Next, remove all media distractions. Unplug the wifi until you're ready to write your post, put your phone in the other room, and turn off the television. If you don't like to work in silence like me, create an inspirational playlist. Certain types of music actually help you relax and focus. Google "music that helps you focus" and you'll find some really great, calming tunes you might like to add to your music library. 

 5// Creating Balance:

   Over all, I believe a sense of balance is the foundation of adding blogging to a busy schedule. My personality is to workworkworkwork. Knowing this, I have to carve out specific time to spend with family and friends (and that extremely inconvenient thing we call sleep. huff). Maybe it sounds grandma-ish, but knowing ahead of time what days I'm going to stay in and work on current projects and what days are my "chill" time, help me not to stress when I have deadlines because I made sure to finish them on my work days. If your personality is more inclined to choose play over work, dedicate one to two nights to working on the blog, knowing that the other nights of the week are for friends and family. 

   And of course, knowing that if you didn't blog as much as you had hoped that week, it's okay. You're okay. Don't stress, just try harder next week. We've all had our weeks where we feel like we've slacked off, got too busy, or just needed a break. That's okay. It's a good thing. I'm a pusher and a doer. But I've really had to learn to listen to my body and mind. When you need some extra sleep, or three date nights instead of one, do it. Blogging should be something you love, not something you dread. Something that pushes you to grow in creativity, not drive you to insanity.

    I'm not one to really believe in New Years resolutions, because I think you need to make lifestyle resolutions that will actually stick and be effective. But this year, I'm focused on being even more organized with my time and schedule, making each minute count. If you're lacking in organization or motivation, I hope these tips helped you out a bit! I'm so looking forward to see what the blogging community has to hold for all of us in 2013. Cheers!


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing this; over the summer I really struggled to carry on blogging and in the end I just left it alone for six months. It's always nice to peek into the way other people organise their life and blogs. I also like what you wrote about outfit posts, about how you do them all on one day; it's something I've done before when I knew I was going to be busy in the week, and it definitely made me feel dishonest.

    Lots of Love, Lauren. xox


  2. Thanks for the tips! I really admire how organized you are and that's one of my main goals for 2013. It's neat to see how you bring everything together! Happy New Year!

  3. wonderful viewpoints kinsey! makes me look at a few things differently, thank you! cheers to a wonderful new year! xo

  4. This was really helpful for me, especially the part about organization helping release creativity. That’s so my personality. Thanks for sharing!
    Loverly She

  5. I love this post! I used to blog all the time and then fell of the bandwagon in the beginning of summer. I have been recently toying with the idea of taking Monday's off. I have class from 9-12 but then could potentially have the rest of the day for myself. It is also my boyfriend's day off too. So he could help me with my blog. I love how you do almost everything in one day. The problem I had most was trying to do outfit posts and projects everyday when I really just didn't have time and I wasn't putting my best foot forward.

    Thanks so much for this post! It has really helped me a lot. It came at a perfect time for the new year.


  6. This tips are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. x

    <3 Melissa

  7. This is a really great post. I used to be really good with blogging but since I started doing so much business in my shop its kind of had to take a step back. Now I still blog but some how my personal blog turned into a design site all unintentional.

  8. I love post like these. I really like sneak peaks inside a bloggers day to day routine:)

  9. Kinsey, thank you so much for these tips! I've just started blogging recently and I found all of your advice extra helpful, especially number 4. You have motivated me during a time where I felt a little bit down, thank you endlessly.

  10. Thank you for this! I struggle with organization sometimes, but especially when it comes to my blog. Appreciate the advice. Happy new year!

  11. Allotting a specific time for blogging each day is the only way I can keep up! I completely understand how you feel. It is VERY time consuming and can be hard to keep up with when you are also running a business. It's so rewarding though! I love this post. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. This is a fab post! I've only just recently really started to develop a strict blogging schedule, but even sometimes I add new posts that aren't necessarily always blogged about. I shared this on Twitter :)

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  14. This is exactly one of my goals, even down to the way you shoot outfits! I definitely need to allocate time away from work for family, friends and, yes, sleep! Nice to know I'm not alone in these thoughts :)

  15. thanks for sharing these tips! I love hearing how other bloggers work, and what their schedules look like. so thanks kinsey!

  16. What a great bunch of tips. I'm looking to improve on my blogging this year so I found these really helpful.

  17. Thanks for sharing your tips and how you blog Kinsey! You're awesome, and this is really helpful :) Hope you have a good new year ahead!


  18. LOVE this Kinsey. Phil and I were just talking about "lifestyle" resolutions. I think its choosing daily to take steps onto a lifestyle.
    thanks for sharing!

  19. thanks for the tips :)
    deana, from birdsandoxfords

  20. This is fantastic! Just the inspiration I'm craving. I feel so good about 2013 as well. Thanks for this additional motivation! xo www.verveevolving.blogspot.com

  21. Thanks for these tips! Definitely keeping these in mind this year. Happy New Year!

  22. These were great tips! Blogging is a lot of work and sometimes it get difficult to juggle everything. Thanks for sharing!

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  23. This is a great post. Thanks for giving us a view of your week.


  24. Thanks for sharing! It's cool that you are so willing to share your "trade secrets" with everyone. I am most curious how you are able to do so many Giveaways. Do you typically know the people who are willing to donate products for Giveaway features? How do you get to that point with businesses and other artists?

  25. Wow! These tips are so useful and just what I need to start mapping out an editorial calendar for this year. I have been working without one, but being more organized would improve my posting schedule and topics I want to cover.

    Thanks for helping me kickstart the planning that can improve my blog this year! =D

    Happy New Year!


  26. This is an incredibly helpful post! Thanks so much for sharing. I really needed some guidance with my blog, being a new blogger and hopefully this helps me to focus and bring about my blog related new year's resolutions.

  27. Hey,getting oranized better is also one of my 2013 resolutions!!
    Not only getting organized better with my home,but also with time planning!I`m one of those persons,who easy can spend hours doing nothing in effect and then realize,that I didn`t do nothing is even bader :)
    But I also like to make to do lists,so I think with your great tips and my to do list,I will get better!!

    Thanks for those great tips and if you like,check out my new years resolutions:


  28. this is fantastic advice. as a newcomer to blogging having some wisdom from a more experienced, successful blogger is so valuable! thanks for sharing!


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  30. thanks, kinsey! great post :) I'm currently taking Elsie & Emma's blog love e-courses and it's really inspiring! I've suggested to them before that you should help them out by adding a separate section on their "dream job" course for photographers! plus that could help your business as well. :) I would love to know your story! xo, Sierra


  31. This post really brought some of my own (slacking) issues to light. I definitely know what you mean about setting a schedule, but when you're working 24/7 like me, it can definitely be a challenge. Thanks for the tips! x


  32. I love this! It's so true that people do not realize how much time blogging takes really takes up. I always tend to write posts ahead of time, it gives you more time to think about the posts and improve the quality. Great blog by the way!


  33. Great tips! I was starting to think I was the only one! It's so stressful, no-one sees all the hard work behind the scenes and it's not just coming up with ideas, planning and creating them, editing them and uploading, it's all the other parts that go with it, SEO researching, networking, finding ways to get your voice heard...it all takes up so much time!

    Power to you for keeping an organised schedule!


  34. I love this post I did my editorial calendar for the year over the christmas break, and I set a time that I need to be in bed from monday to thursday. i've stayed up til 2am working on the blog and that's not a good habit. Thanks for the tips.


  35. These are really great! I'm all over the place trying to find time to write between grad school, working and everything else that pops up, its a little bit of a headache. I totally needed this!


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  37. this is amazing youre truly amazing Kinsey, I wish we could be penpals and such <3

  38. Extremely helpful and inspirational post! Thanks for sharing and happy new year!

  39. Great tips friend!!! Especially about staying within a few themes... you know I've always thought "lifestyle" pretty much covered evertying in life... which is what I've been blogging about. But to stick to a few themes so your blog has a statement (if you will) makes things interesting and in a clearer perspective!!

    Thanks for sharing and happy new years dear! xo, Bev

  40. Thanks for sharing these great tips <3



  41. great advice, your're so right! People don't always realise how busy blogging is!!! I didn't when I first started! xxxx


  42. thanks for the tips, Kinsey! :)

  43. great post and beautiful photo! xoxo

  44. This is such an inspiring post. Not just the blogging part. I mean, seeing how you are so passionate about the things you do and how you are trying to make each minute count makes me wanna do better. I loved the part about focusing especially the candle bit. Thank you so much for that.

  45. Thanks for this -especially the schedule of posts, I always get ahead of myself with ideas and then burn out when it's late in the evening and haven't given the proper time!


  46. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU so much for posting about this!!! I have always been amazed at some of my favorite blogs and wondered how they were able to post as much as they do and how easy it seemed! I guess there is a lot that still goes into it, but the biggest thing is being organized! Your pics with this post were lovely as always! Thanks again I hope to incorporate them into my blog :) Hope all is well for you and yours!


  47. I love these tips! Definitely got a lot out of them! I have an unrelated question though.. Is there a reason why I'm unable to pin from your blog to pinterest?

  48. Wow! Thanks so much for these extremely helpful tips, it's defiantly going to help me further developed my blog:)
    much love, Rachel


  49. These are truly great tips! I do feel overwhelmed at times during the week when posting on top of everything else. I will definitely have to try out an editorial calendar and get more organized! thanks for the inspiration

  50. Thank you for sharing...I feel like young bloggers such as myself have so much to learn from those with more experience like yourself! These tips will be great for those days when I feel a little "lost" about how to keep moving forward.

  51. I wish I could spend all day on Monday blogging like you do! I have a busy career that takes up a ton of my time in and out of the classroom (I'm a 2nd grade teacher) so it's hard to find the time like you mentioned. It's always my goal to spend a weekend day working on blogging but that's hard, too since that's my only real break during the week. Thanks for this post - it has so many great tips and thought provoking ideas that I'd like to try in 2013.

    1. I feel the same way, Lindsay! I wish I could spend all day blogging too!

  52. omg thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wash just making some very similar goals for myself and Hourglass&Bloom the other day! this helped me so very much <3


  53. This post was absolutely perfect for where I'm at right now! I'm a photographer looking to start blogging regularly and you really gave me somethings to think about and how to fit it into my busy schedule! Thanks so much <3

  54. Kinsey this post was perfect for where I'm at right now! I'm a photographer who has been toying with the idea of blogging but feel as though I can never fit it into my busy schedule! Your tips were exactly what I needed. Thanks for the inspiration <3

  55. Thanks for sharing your tips. I don't know why, but it hadn't occurred to me that I could set aside one day a week to try to get all the heavy lifting done (DIY projects, etc.) instead of trying to squeeze it in on days when I'm working and doing other things.

  56. Loved reading this! I also tend to shoot a bunch of outfits at one time, when I have someone to take photos and a great location with good lighting. I feel like I'm "cheating" sometimes too, but then I also remember that I'm a full-time college student with a job and an internship, so that's the best option for me right now. The moments when I'm scrambling to take photos so I can do a post that day are extremely stressful, and those posts usually don't turn out as well because I threw an outfit together at the last moment instead of just letting the idea come to me at a random time.
    Your blog is amazing and always inspirational though. The formula you've come up with seems to be working splendidly :)



  57. I am incredibly happy that I have found your blog through A Beautiful Mess! I just started my blog a month ago and honestly didn't know how to get everything I wanted to write down on a weekly basis on my blog on time, where to start, how to really start, how to write posts i really enjoy. Now with what I read here and on A Beautiful Mess, I feel better at diving into my blog! Thank youuu!

  58. Kinsey, thank you so much for your advice! And thank you for having such a high quality blog; I can tell you put in a lot of time, hard work, and dedication into it. You have inspired me to start my own blog and share a little part of me with others. I hope my blog will be half as good as yours one day! Keep doing what you're doing :-)


  59. thanks for this, Kinsey! there are some really great tips. I often feel, in between study and writing, that I don't have enough time to blog regularly. I'm still trying to figure out what my blog is and I'll be referring back to this post, for sure. :)

  60. As a new blogger, these are invaluable tips. I have just discovered your site and think it is a beautiful, well thought out blog. I really enjoy reading it. It is the highlight of my train trip in the morning to work.. always puts a smile on my face.


    (Sydney, Australia)


  61. Hello Ms. Kinsey! Thanks for this very helpful post. Learned a lot from it :) Anyway, just wanna ask if it's not too late to turn my personal blog into a narrowed down type of blog? I mean, my blog's topic would probably be "anything goes" which makes it very random and not organized. Thanks :)

  62. Hello Ms. Kinsey! Thanks for this very helpful post. Learned a lot from it :) Anyway, just wanna ask if it's not too late to turn my personal blog into a narrowed down type of blog? I mean, my blog's topic would probably be "anything goes" which makes it very random and not organized. Thanks :)

  63. Hello Ms. Kinsey! Thank you for this very helpful tips about blogging. I was very inspired to blog again. Anyway, i would just like to ask if it's not too late to turn my "anything goes" blog into an organized blog? My blog is very random and I want to narrow it to at least three topics. Thanks and God bless :)

  64. These are really great tips--I find this very useful as a blogger myself. Thanks for posting!


  65. Great Tips! I'm always looking for inspiration for our blog and your ideas are helpful!


  66. Great post! Very interesting tips.
    For me it is always interesting like the others blog :)

  67. I loved this post! I used to struggle with blogging because I would try topics that were too complicated for me or that were not ideally what I felt passionate about writing about. This would interfere with my blogging schedule big-time. I have learned to write what I know and what I love. Kudos to you for bringing this up!

    Love and Luck,

    Laurali Star


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