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Weekly Round Up

Wrapping up a lovely week with family, friends, and photo shoots...

We went:
 Admired all the handmade treasures as we browsed around a local art festival.

I took:
 A post wedding shoot with these two sweethearts. 

I listen to:
Northern, Knees, Trees, And Lights by Loch Lomond on Grooveshark 

I read: 
Zooey Magazine wrote a post about The Impossible Project, something I'm terribly excited to find out about. Take a look here.

I'm looking forward to sharing some new projects, photos, and pretty outfits with you this week. See you soon.xo


  1. You and your husband are such a lovely and photogenic couple!

  2. I love all those pictures. I hung out with a friend over the weekend and showed her your site. She spent all day on it today :)

  3. I love all those pictures. I hung out with a friend over the weekend and showed her your site. She spent all day on it today :)

  4. Such gorgeous pictures!!! I love the first one!

  5. I LOVE your pictures! So dreamy, romantic and beautiful. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hello :)

    I want to give an idea of the blogs I like most and your blog is one of this. (Sorry for my bad english) Can I take your blog header as picture to involve your blog to my post?

    By Änna

    1. Hi Anna,

      That's completely fine! Please have a link directing back to my blog. :) xo

  7. YOu and your husband look so cute and happy I just love to see that with people <3 wishing you both the best forever..

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Kinsey I love that first photo of you two! Sounds like a lovely weekend! xoxo A-

  9. Hey Kinsey!
    Thank you again for your support on my photobucket questions a month ago... regarding the impossible project, i got my first old polaroid camera for my b-day two weeks ago. i've always wanted one, and i had already read about this company that is now bringing the polaroid dream back to life.
    I have now tried a few, and as far as they are not perfect yet, i can not complain on the results...

    if you check here: you can see how well mine turned out on my birthday, and in case if you need any help picking some types up, let me know. id love to re-tribute the help.

    kisses from portugal,
    Ana Luisa

    PS: the blog is in portuguese, sorry for that... but the pics speak for themselves. ;)

  10. lovely pictures :)

  11. gorgeous photos! :) sounds and looks like a lovely time

  12. Lovely pictures!

  13. Beautiful pictures! I love how you post a quick overview of your week! You and your husband are such a cute couple! I'm only a recent follower, but have you ever done a tutorial on your makeup?

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I never have, but I'll definitely consider doing one in the future though!

      xo, Kinsey

  14. I have the Impossible Project Gold pack, and it's so much fun! The gold borders are so fancy looking. Love that it's getting so much attention!

  15. I just started reading your blog and I wanted to say it has made me really happy; you have blessed my day!
    Your style is so interesting and I love how positive you are. I am excited to start reading your cheerful blog regularly : )



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