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I've been in a really good place these days and have truly been learning the value of taking life slowly. This past week, I've been extremely cautious of not pushing myself to the limit but enjoying each day to its fullest extent. Working, creating, and accomplishing goals is one of my favorite things to do in life, but there comes a time when you just need to sit back, relax, and let life coast you along for a bit. Those are the sweet, sweet moments where you truly take time to value every aspect in your life and appreciate it to its fullest of worth. My sweet spouse is so great at reminding me of this on a daily basis. He approaches everything in such a calm, collective manner and doesn't sweat the small things. I'm lucky to have him show me the ropes when it comes to finding the pure bliss in every detail. This week was dedicated to relaxation at its finest.
Here's a little sneak peek into our world this week..
On a completely unrelated note, my pal, Jill, took a little road trip from Kansas city to get her tattoo touched up, so we squeezed in a photo shoot with her pretty headdress before she headed back north. She made it by hand and it's so delicately beautiful. I'll be sure to share more photos soon! 

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time on here this week sharing DIYs, pretty outfits, and photo adventures. Hope your Sunday is pure bliss.


  1. you have the best taste in music.

  2. your photography is amazing. Seriously, it makes my heart happy.

  3. I can't get enough of your blog. The whole vibe it gives off, and I absolutely love your taste in music! I always need those reminders to just let go and relax, thanks for sharing!

  4. beautiful pictures :) and i need that reminder daily too... to give myself a break and relax :)


  5. you have a brick wall in your house! I love love love love! Nice :)
    I am learning to relax too! Our husbands are so good at balancing us out! xx

  6. Slowing down and enjoying each day is something that I struggle with as well. I feel like I function better when I'm busy, but there comes a time when you just need to stop and look around. My boyfriend is also great at reminding me to relax and not spend so much time worrying/planning for the future. It's difficult for busy-bodies like us to do, but so worth it. Love the photos!


  7. lovely photos. glad you are getting some time to rest! and I love the photo of your friend in her headdress :)

  8. Jill's adorable! And her headdress is absolutely breathtaking. Can't wait to see your upcoming DIYs : )


  9. It really is important to take time out and breath, live life and enjoy things that you love. Sometimes we work, work, work and forget to enjoy it. xoxo A-

  10. I seriously cannot wait to see the headdress photo shoot. I am a fan of all things indian/boho - like. :) Oh yeah, and I absolutely LOVE the second to last picture. The colors are so perfect! :)

  11. Your blog is so beautiful...


  12. I love this post. It is so very true. We tend to pack way too much into our days (or at least I do) and run our selves into the ground. Learning to say no to events, to sit back and relax is a wonderful thing!


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