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Pumpkin Spice Candle // Clean Living

This candle has fall written all over it. Enjoy!


2 cups soy wax shavings
wooden candle wick
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cardamon
1 tsp ginger
5 cloves
10 drops vanilla essential oil
candle holder
cooking pot

Begin by melting the wax on the stove top on low. Once melted, mix in spices and essential oil. 

Pour the wax into the candle holder. Wait a few minutes for wax to cool a bit, then insert the wooden candle wick. 

Next, place a piece of tape over the top of the candle holder, keeping the wooden wick in place so that when the wax hardens, it will be centered. 

Once the wax completely hardens, your candle is ready for use!


  1. I love this I might have to make it sometime soon.

  2. This looks like such a fun project! I just came across your blog and I absolutely love it! xoxo

    Arushee // Unadorned Gifts

  3. Question: Do you have to use a wooden wick or can you use a cotton wick. I figured they were interchangeable but I wanted to ask first. Thanks!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This is amazing! Love how you photograph it too! Might try this.

  6. This is so cool. I love all of your crafty posts and the photography is always superb.

    rae of lovefromberlin

  7. Fun fun fun! Must try this sometime. X

  8. Ah, this is so great! I ordered some wax for candle making for Christmas gifts but I know so little about it. I LOVE that you can use kitchen spices! I didn't know that the wooden wicks worked in small candles, either. I love them but I thought I'd have to use cotton. Thank you, and beautiful photos.

  9. I love this idea! and it sounds like it smells absolutely wonderful!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  10. These look lovely! I had not heard of wooden candle wicks, so thank you for introducing me to them. I love autumnal scented candles, so this is being saved for later!

  11. that sounds divine! i'm a sucker for a great scented candle


  12. For me autumn is a pumpkin spice latte! And your idea is just amazing. Definitely going to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!
    Carpet cleaners Chelsea

  13. this is perfect. <3

    xx Nicole Rose


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