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Coffee Diaries // Caramel Iced Caffè Americano

Another round of delicious iced coffee for those hot summer days. 


1 tbsp organic homemade caramel (recipe found here!)
2 tbsp water
two shots of espresso 
1/2 cup cold water
2 tbsp cup heavy cream

Begin by heating the caramel and two tbsp water on the stove top on low. This will thin the caramel and give you a nice textured syrup. 

Once a consistent texture, pour one tbsp of syrup into the bottom of your coffee cup. You can store the extra syrup in a sealable container in the refrigerator to use later on in the week.

 Next fill your coffee cup to the brim with ice cubes. Pull the shots of espresso and pour them on top of the ice. Stir in the water and heavy cream. Top off with a few more ice cubes and enjoy!


  1. Delish! Love that background

  2. Yum this looks awesome! im going to try this week with my cold brew :)


  3. mmm! This looks delicious! I am so impressed that you've been creating such awesome and natural ways to enhance coffee!


  4. Gorgeous! I've only just had my morning coffee but I'm now craving a second.

  5. Such a refreshing drink! Love your photos too :)


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