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Lavender Oil Bottle Necklace // Clean Living

Not only is the necklace uniquely beautiful, it also has a secret power to help you get through just about anything life throws your way. This lavender oil filled bottle is the perfect remedy to cure a headache. When you feel a headache coming on, simply rub some of the oil on your temples and the back of your neck. VoilĂ ! Headache cured. It also provides a sense of calmness and clarity. So even if you don't find yourself with a headache, taking a few minutes each day to apply the oil, sit back and take a second to breathe can really alter your mood and overall perception of your day.

To make this necklace, all you'll need is:

Small glass bottle with a cork top (you should be able to find one in your local craft store in the jewelry section)
Small jewelry hoop screw
Necklace chain
Lavender seeds
Lavender Essential Oil

Carefully pour the oil, water, and lavender seeds into the glass jar. I first filled the jar half way with the seeds. I then used even portions of oil and water to fill the remainder of the jar. The reason you'll want to add water is to dilute the strength so the scent won't be too strong when in use. Next, seal with the cork screw. Twist the screw into the top of the cork until you aren't able to twist it anymore. Lastly, attach the jewelry chain through the hoop.

Before each use, gently shake the bottle to mix the water and oil, since they will begin to separate over time.

Other oils that would be great for this project is peppermint or rose!


  1. Ah, this is beautiful and I absolutely love lavender. Unfortunately I am much too lazy to make this. If you started selling them, I would buy one!

  2. I love this necklace! It's so beautiful and functional. I use lavender essential oil as a headache remedy all the time, but this would provide that availability to use it even when out and about. Great idea!

  3. such a cute & great idea! thanks for sharing

  4. This looks so beautiful! I usually carry around a little bottle of 'rescue remedy' which is a natural stress-reliever, perhaps I could make something like this instead! :)

  5. As a chronic victim of headaches, this is definitely something I need to do! Thank you!

  6. SO in love! This would be perfect to have during finals.

  7. I love lavender oil! And in this way it looks very beautiful! Thank you!

  8. What a beautiful necklace, and so practical too! I might try to make one but with peppermint instead :) That also works well for headaches!
    ~ Samantha

  9. love your photography so much <3

  10. This is actually very very useful and very very cute, I do love this lots. <3
    (I might also wrap some kind of wire around the lip of the bottle connected to the loop in the cork to make sure it doesn't pop out unintentionally, because I've had that happen to me plenty of times!)

  11. Love this! We've been doing a lot of cleaning out to do 'clean living'. Lots of and reading... It's fun and scary all in the same.

  12. Very cool. I really dig the concept of combining adornment and beauty with healing/health. Seems like it ought to be a no brainer but it feels pretty novel.

    Here is a little more information about diluting essential oils... It's better to use an oil than water and also good moisturizing properties for those achy temples.
    There's a list of good diluting oils on the page if you click the Carrier oils link toward the beginning.


  13. Wow this is such a great idea! I had no idea that lavender eased headaches!
    Plus, the necklace looks beautiful <3

  14. I love that idea! i use to much lavender but this is new, i like it! thank you for share :)

  15. Gorgeous! Definitely making this for my mom!


  16. I absolutely love your blog, this post is a great idea. I'll definitely be looking into making one:) x x

  17. This is so pretty! I love this idea. Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils and I use it all the time- why not wear it around my neck? It seems like such an easy little project, too. I hope I can find one of those adorable little bottles!


  18. Personally I love lavender and always have. It's so soothing and great for relaxing. This necklace idea is pure genius! And I agree with other commenters, you should make and sell these! It's such a unique idea.


  19. what a beautiful peace! ♥

  20. It is such a beautiful necklace and has a beautiful outcome - I sometimes forget to take a moment, breathe and be calm. I love the scent of lavender and it would surely help me. Lovely!


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