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Coffee Diaries // Raspberry White Mocha


3 tsp agave nectar
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp organic white chocolate chips
handful of raspberries
1 cup almond milk
2 oz shot of organic espresso
Place water, nectar, and smashed raspberries into a pan on the stove top on medium-low heat. Cook for five minutes. Pour through a thin mesh strainer to extract the seeds and raspberry chunks. Pour syrup back into the pan and stir in the chocolate chips. Once the chips are completely melted, add 1-2 tsps of syrup to your coffee mug. You can add or lessen the amount of syrup depending on how sweet you like your coffee. Next, add the shot of espresso (or double the strength dark roast coffee). Steam the milk, and pour it on top (if you don't have a milk steamer, heat it on the stove at 150 degrees, whipping it vigorously the last minute to create a foam. Be sure to not let the milk boil, which changes the taste of the milk.)


  1. Oh my this looks amazing, I will definitely be giving it a try! And lovely photos! :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful- this looks amazing! :)

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  4. It looks so yummy. My mouth's watering just by looking at it.


  5. Yea, we'll have to whip this bad boy up sometime soon :)
    Thanks for this, Kinsey xx


  6. Sounds so good, I must try it! :) You photos are delicious

  7. Not a coffee drinker at all, but after this post seriously considering taking it up! This looks lush!

    Biancarosa // xoxo

  8. it looks so yummy that i cant help but get up and make myself some coffee. it wont be as awesome as yours but still its worth to give it a try!

  9. Hey! I loved your blog post so much I decided to feature it in one of my posts!

  10. I had raspberry coffee for the first time the other day and it was surprisingly wonderful. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe- I actually can't wait to make my own version! :)
    xo Lauren

  11. Great recipe thanks for sharing!

  12. Loving this series!! Looks delicious!

    much love,

  13. Wonderful series, especially for the winter. This Ras White Mocha looks incredible!

  14. mmm! This looks delicious!!


  15. White mochas are THE best! This sounds delectable :)

  16. Trying this this weekend! Hope it comes out good =D


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