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Urban Tie-Dye Headband DIY

I'm all about the headbands this fall. So don't mind me if I make a million and a half tutorials for them in the next few weeks. Enjoy:

Tribal Necklace c/o Electric Sun Creatives

Supplies: semi stretchy fabric (a thicker jersey knit is great for this project), fabric dye, masking tape.
Pantry supplies: sewing machine, scissors, paint brush.

1. // Begin by cutting out the fabric for the headband. Mine was 10x30 inches. Then, pinch small sections and wrap the middle with masking tape, creating knots in various spots on the fabric.
 2. // Next, dip dye these knots, creating a fun pattern. I also took a small paint brush and added various brush strokes with the dye, giving it more texture.
 3. // Once the fabric dries, with the right side facing inward, fold in half and sew along the length of the fabric, creating a long tube. 
4. // Flip this tube right side out and tie a knot in the middle of the fabric. 
5-6. // Lastly, sew the ends together with the hem facing inward. Before sewing the ends together, measure it around your head to make sure it's a tight fit. I ended up needing to cut off an inch on each side. You will end up having a small hole in the fabric that you're not able to stitch with the hems inward.  Because of that, you can either hand stitch the hole or make sure that the hole is facing inward and stitch it on the outside of the fabric with the sewing machine. 

I had some left over fabric from this project so I wanted to make some available for you to purchase. I have four headbands available. The price below includes shipping.  *Shipping only available in the U.S. If you're not in the states and would like to purchase a headband, please email me directly at

Urban Tie-Dye Headband: $19.00


  1. AH this is so gorgeous! I love it

    I love how DIY projects these days are so simple. It means someone, as hopeless at crafting as me, has a chance at creating something beautiful

    Thank you for sharing

    Sam //

  2. Oh gosh, how pretty! Absolutely loving this style - perfect for fall! :)


  3. kins, i love this high in the front shirt! where from??

  4. So cute! May have to make myself one this weekend.

  5. This is such an amazing idea and I love how it looks on you!!

  6. Hi! This is so pretty! Great look for your style :)
    Take a look at my latest post here:, would be amazing if you could follow me <3

  7. THAT'S SO PRETTY! I love your style :)

  8. Adore this, I love a good scarf or head band for a head wrap. The tie dye is beautiful.


  9. This is look beautiful!!! :)
    I love this blog!


  10. I love to create my own style in clothes design and I also fine tie dye design great. I like your headband. It looks great!

  11. YOUR HAIRRR!! So long and pretty!!! Love the headband!

  12. YOUR HAIRRR!! So long and pretty!!! Love the headband!

  13. Great DIY. And I love your burgundy red top. I really like the low back look.

  14. So beautiful! It looks incredible on you!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  15. yey,I'm in a headband mood too,collecting ideas and inspiration on pinterest.Your's is just great,might gonna try it.And I don't mind reading more of your headband tutorials.

  16. c'est vrai qu'il est beau ! bisous

  17. These are so cute! Would love to make some for my daughter and niece.

    PicCell Wireless


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