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Sea Salt Spray for Beachy Locks // Clean Living

Summertime usually means we all take on a bit more of a carefree style. I know as soon as the heat comes in my clothes get looser and more simple, I wear less makeup, and I let my long locks do whatever they please. This clean living post is all about embracing that summer look with a beachy hair style. 

1 1/2 cups lukewarm distilled water
2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp glycerin 
spray bottle (I found mine in the beauty section at a local grocery store)
optional* essential oil. Best with a tropical scent. 

To make sure the ingredients blend well, warm the water before combining. Also, consider heating the coconut oil for an even smoother blend. Combine all of these ingredients into a small bowl and mix well. Because there is oil involved, it won't blend perfectly but enough to where it's fairly consistent. Once you've mixed it all together, pour it into the spray bottle and seal tightly.

For best use, apply to slightly damp hair, scrunching your hair while you spray. Shake before each use. Let it air dry for a beachy, summer look! Another favorite hairstyle of mine is after applying the spray, put it into a loose side braid. 

What's your favorite summer hairstyle?


  1. i've never found a sea salt spray i've been a fan of probably because my hair is so thick, so long, so heavy. usually if i braid it while it's damp and then run a flat iron over the braid when it's dry, it gives me the waves i'm looking for :) your hair is beautiful, lady!

  2. Where do you get glycerin? Is it healthy? Love the idea of this.

    1. You can get glycerin from almost any health food store, definitely online, and sometimes in grocery stores. I know there's another kind of glycerin but the name escapes me right now. BUT vegetable glycerin is totally healthy and safe for hair.

  3. Love this! Always trying to find ways to make my natural curls beachy!

    Juliette Laura

  4. Love this! Perfect for days when I can't make it to the beach, but still want that salt water textured appearance :)

    Chase Miller
    The Smell of Summer - A Boutique Surf Lifestyle Blog

  5. I just purchased a great all-natural, vegan 'beach waves' spray from The Gnarly Whale Etsy Shop. I highly recommend it for those who prefer to skip this great DIY method you listed here.

  6. i love this series. and i'm definitely going to make this. my favorite beachy waves spray recently got discontinued & i about sobbed my eyes out.

  7. Definitely trying this!

    xo Jennifer

  8. Wow, what a beach babe! Love your hair! :))


  9. I love salt sprays, they have always been one of my favourite products.


  10. Thank you for the tip!!! It's grat, I'm gonna try it :)

  11. I've never used a spray in my hair for a beachy look before, but that's a great idea, since I usually just let my hair air dry! I have to try that! :)

  12. And I so love your long hair! Just had to say that too :)

  13. I completely love this! I have been using sea salt in my hair for the longest time, it is so perfect for those beachy waves. I usually use this all seasons because it tames your hair from becoming frizzy and controls your waves.

    lindsey louise

  14. I love coconut oil! Your hair looks great.


  15. i just bought some sea salt spray. i am experimenting with it too. i'll prolly end up making it after this bottle runs out. thanks for this post, i will remember it for when i need more.

    - kerri

  16. I love this! Also, I wanted to thank you for the dry shampoo recipe which led me to my no-shampoo adventure (today is my 23rd day!) and I am so happy with the results!!!

  17. This recipe from Free People is also great:

  18. I love the idea! You have stunning hair!


  19. I'd been using a similar mix from lush for beachy waves, but I'll have to try making my own!


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