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Coffee Filter Floral Crown DIY

I've wanted to make a paper floral crown for a while now but couldn't find the right paper that was thin and flexible enough. Then one morning while making a good ole pot of joe, it hit me. Coffee filters would be perfect! So that afternoon I proceeded to do this...
Supplies: coffee filters, floral wire or faux flower stems, food coloring, jewelry wire. 
Pantry Supplies: craft glue, scissors, small bowls of water. 

Begin by making the base of the crown with floral wire or the stems of faux flowers. Secure the ends together with jewelry wire. Next, take the coffee filters, fold them in half, and cut out the middle, leaving the ruffled rim. Then, pinch together the bottom of rim of the coffee filter, creating a flower. Secure the end with  craft glue. I used a hot glue gun, but I suggest a more sturdy glue if you don't plan to further secure it with jewelry wire in the last step. Next, take bowls of water and add a drop of food coloring. I wanted mine to have pastel colors, so I used one drop of food coloring, but if you want a richer color add three or four drops. I chose yellow and purple for my colors. Have fun with this step! On some I dipped the entire flower, some just the tip, and half yellow/half purple on others. I also left a few white so that it wasn't too colorful. Once the flowers have dried, glue them along the crown. Lastly, secure each end with jewelry wire by wrapping it around the stem where it's connected to the crown.


  1. This is really pretty and such a good idea! I think I will have to try this. Probably during the summer.
    Almost Endearing

  2. Oh that's so cute and subtle too! You can barely tell that it's paper!

  3. This is wonderful. I have some coffee filters I could do this to! Thanks for the great DIY!

    The Nautical Owl

  4. You totally have the ability to transform anything so perfectly!

    xo Jennifer

  5. Very cute idea! Floral crowns are the best :D

  6. So creative and you look absolutely beautiful. <3

  7. I just ordered a flower crown for a summer festival and now I'm totally regretting it! This looks amazing, and with just everyday house-hold stuff that's amazing. Definitely an activity I'm going to keep in mind for when I next look after my niece! <3

  8. this is one of my favorite SK posts of all time. i love your creativity, kinsey. and seriously, could you be any prettier?! i doubt it!

  9. So pretty and so fun! You are beautiful!

    Juliette Laura

  10. Such a sweet little idea.


  11. thats such a lovely idea! your blog is absolutely gorgeous, im following!:) i'd really love it if you'd have a little look at my blog xx

  12. Beautiful and so simple to make! Love.

  13. How cute!...and brilliant!


  14. Coffee filters are so useful :) Lovely crown, I love how subtle the coloring is!

  15. You are absolutely beautiful! Love this flower crown!


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