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Elk + Pine Tree Tote // Gift Idea

Sometimes it's really nice when your friends have blogs, because when you tell them that you made their Christmas present but that you couldn't wait to share it on your blog, they understand. It's not weird. No, it is weird. Thankfully, she understands none the less. 

I decorated this tote for my friend, Erin, to keep all her knitting supplies in. I'm all about reusable bags, especially when they count as part of the actual gift. And judging by her blog name, I figured a pine tree stamp was the perfect fit. I used this technique for the pine trees, this elk stamp, and black fabric paint.

I filled Erin's tote with a variety of yarn, but you can fill it with whatever suits the receiver best. Hope this provides a bit of inspiration when it comes to delivering gifts this year.

 Ahem, Erin, if you're reading this, it better be December 26th.

p.s. Congratulations, Lydia!

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  1. Where did you buy the great blank totes? I've not yet found a good place to buy these.

  2. This is the cutest tote!! I want to try and make one!! It's very winter season-ish :) I really love the feel of your blog, it's quite wonderful to read! Thanks for posting about your friend Erin, she is just as darling as you are! I checked out her blog too! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

    hop on over and follow if you like :)

  3. This is seriously SO cute! Stamped fabric just looks sooo good, I need to try it.

  4. You're such a good friend! This is a cute and thoughtful gift.

  5. LOVE this! So easy and cute! Lovely!

  6. So cute! I love stamped fabrics - they're so much fun to wear and they're also pretty easy to DIY. I love this gift.

    Shop Vintage!

  7. such a cute idea, hoping to pull this off for someone :)

  8. so cute! ill be sure to pick up some fabric paint from micheals on Saturday. I love this. xx

  9. i love totes! they come in handy and these are super cute!
    -deana, from birds&oxfords

  10. Cute bag - I am sure that Erin will love it.


    Visit my blog at

  11. #blogproblems. it's a real thing. ;)

  12. love it!


  13. omg, i love these bags <3

  14. These look so cute! I love the tree pattern!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  15. Hahaha,I totally get you,when I uplodad my DIY advent calendar on my blog,I needed to tell my best friend not to read it,so that she wouldn`t see her gifts.
    The bag looks really cool and the elch-pine tree print is just amazing!



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