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Anthropologie Inspired Rug DIY

I stumbled upon this little rug from Anthropologie, and I wanted it to be mine so desperately. Considering I'm in no place to drop some big bucks on a little rug, plus the fact that it's currently out of stock, making a D.I.Y. seemed like the perfect solution.

 Supplies: plain rug, yarn, needle, & chalk.
Pantry Supplies: scissors

Begin by placing your rug face down. With chalk, sketch out a stitching pattern. To make sure the design is perfectly symmetrical, try cutting out a stencil in card stock first. Then, flip it over and using the pattern underneath, begin stitching on the design. Continue giving your design more details. On the longer stitches, make smaller stitches on top of them to secure them in place. You can see where I did this on the far right orange stitch with small yellow stitches.

 I chose to make my stitches larger than the one at Anthro, giving it more of a simple look, but the ultimate design is all up to you. Enjoy your new rug!


  1. Such a nice idea! :)
    I love your DIYs!

  2. this is just lovely! I second Diana. Love your DIY posts.

  3. we've been desperately needing a new rug, and i've been coveting the ones at anthropologie. you've inspired me to try to make my own :) x

  4. this is amazing! Endless possibilities...can't wait to make a chevron one for my bathroom. :)

  5. What a great idea! I love this.

  6. this is so, SO adorable. a cute idea for decorative tea towels to hang on the oven when company is over....

    hm, may have just gotten an idea! :)

  7. Love this Kinsey! It turned out great:)


  8. Oh, how cute! Love this idea!
    xo Heather

  9. Really pretty and rustic, great idea.

    Zoe x

  10. So smart! I am so going to do it!



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