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Weekly Round Up

 This week has been a sweet reminder of how thankful I am to simply exist; to encounter the life and beauty around me, not to take it for granted, and enjoy the smallest of joys. 

Other sweet things that happened this week; I met a gal through my blog who asked if I would like to create a floral crown for her wedding this week. It's probably no secret that I love all things wedding, so naturally, I was happy to oblige. I truly think it's such a lovely thing, blogging, where you can meet people you would have never met otherwise and have an immediate connection due to the love for creating.

Josh has been writing lots of new songs lately, and I've really enjoyed watching his style grow and cultivate. He's mastered the banjo over the past year and is now pursuing the mandolin and luck has been on his side. Next stop, recording equipment. I love nothing more than to see him so passionate about something and getting to enjoy each step with him as he develops his craft.

Also (completely random), I realized I don't have a link to my photo FB page on the ole blog; not that I bombard the page with photos by any means, but there are a few photos I haven't shared on here.  If you would like to follow me, you can find the link here.

 I believe I just exhaled all the rambling one could possibly contain. So on that note, here's a little round up of weekly endeavors. 

We went:
Our favorite "hole in the wall" restaurant will always and forever be Grad School. If you live in Springfield or even roll through, it's a must stop spot.

I took:
 Finishing up the editing for this wedding and also shot this sweet engagement shoot. 

 We saw:
We saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen at the Moxie and we're over all pleased with the film. One might think it is a tad dull, but I actually quite enjoyed it. I'm drawn towards romantic wit, and while this movie wasn't extremely romantic, I thought it had a good balance of intelligence and creative cinematography. But that's only my opinion. :)

I listened to:

I'm off to edit the day away.
Looking forward to sharing lots of DIY's, photos, and outfit posts with you this week! xo.


  1. Such a lovely engagement shoot!

    Jem xXx

  2. The premise behind that movie seemed a bit dull, but I do love Ewan McGregor. And "Indian Summer" is one of my favorite Ben Gibbard songs :)

  3. These weekly round ups have to be one of my favorite things on your blog! Looks like you had a fun-filled week! :)

    A Sigh and Sanity

  4. You look gorgeous in those photos Kinsey!


  5. That burger looks AMAZING. Probably enhanced by the fact that I'm starving right now, but still.

  6. the photos of you are so light and dream-like. beautiful! I wish I knew how you do it! also, rambly posts are the best! :)

  7. Grad School fries are the best!

  8. Great pictures. Looking forward to seeing your DIY's and outfits! :)

  9. Beautiful images, as always!
    Love your Weekly Round Up posts.
    Think I'm gonna try them on my blog some time.
    See if it works for me :)

    Love, Sari

  10. seriously such beautiful photos in this post!!

  11. I love the first sentence of this post the most. So simple, and sweet.

    xo Kayla

  12. grad school is our favorite hole in the wall! i definitely recognized that burger! haha!

  13. You have a remarkable music!)


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