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Leather Feather Necklace | DIY

I've come to the conclusion that I am partial to making D.I.Y. necklaces. Hope you enjoy this one!
Leather, embroidery thread, feathers, leather cord.
*tip* look for bags of scrap leather at your local craft store! It's always a lot cheaper and has some great quality pieces.
Plus, craft glue, needle & scissors.
First, cut two strips of 4x1 inch leather. Then, make a pattern with thread on the top of one piece of leather. I did a simple stitch all the way around and a criss cross pattern in the middle. After that, you want to attach your leather strand or chain by gluing it on the back of your leather strip. Next, you'll attach the feathers to the back piece of leather by covering the back piece with glue and lay out your feathers in the pattern you want. Then, apply another layer to the back of your front piece of leather and secure both leather strips together.
Today has been full of last minute shopping, coffee runs, ugly Christmas sweater parties, and spending time with the ones we love the most. Hope your Christmas Eve Eve is perfect.
 Sincerely, Kinsey


  1. I love this. So lovely and creative.

  2. This is so so so pretty! Thanks for this, I'll be saving this in my Favourites!

  3. I love this. Such a great idea. xo, rv

  4. ah! So cute! You're a DIY machine :)

  5. ooo this is so cute. love this DIY


  6. Oh my... Your blog is seriously my FAVORITE place for DIYs! Just when I think they can't get any more amazing, you totally prove me wrong! You are one incredibly talented and cute lady Miss Kinsey!

  7. I love this DIY! And I think my sister-in-law would love a necklace like this :)

  8. Gorgeous DIY, I can't believe I was gonna spend something like $30.00 bucks for something I could make with stuff I already have! Thanks so much for your inspiration, you are simply stunning and your photography id just outstanding...... I am a new proud follower!


  9. wow..! you always made gergous DIY . I love all of them , you are my inspire . youre magical


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