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The Ultimate Gal Pal Itinerary & Tips for Maui, Hawaii

  In January, myself and two friends spent five days in Maui, and I will be forever changed. During the prep of the trip, I did HOURS of research. Finding the best spots for food, adventure, incredible experiences, and all while trying to stay on a budget. I have traveled all over the world to different tropical locations, and Maui is definitely a must go. However, it isn't the cheapest place to vacation. My goal in creating this itinerary was to make the absolute most of our trip, while also not breaking the bank. One of my greatest goals for travel, and honestly for my over all lifestyle, is to spend money on experience, not convinence. Nothing hurts me more than spending more than I could have if I had been more prepared! If you are planning a trip to Muai, or have the itch to after reading this travel guide, I hope it helps create the most beautiful and thoughtful experience for you. If a wonderful trip to you is focused on scenery, experience, a fancy experience on a budget, delicious food, and time exploring beautiful Hawaii - this guide is for you. 

Amazing food. Exploring nature.  Spiritual experiences.  Staying fiscally responsible. 
We all decided that where we stayed was the least important part of the experience for us. We new that we wanted to spend a lot of time in nature, spend our money on amazing food, and do some shopping in the local & vintage shops, so we chose to stay at the Seaside in Maui.  

Middle of Maui, which made everything very accessible!  
Wholefoods in walking distance - we got breakfast and road trip snacks here most days
Friendly staff Felt safe + parking lot security

Outdated building  
Parking lot was often full
I would definitely stay here again, as we spent very little time at our hotel at all!

One of our favorite parts of the whole trip? Renting a convertible! Through Dollar Rental Car, we were able to snag this convertible for the same price as their economy car daily price. It made the trip 100x more fun, and the fresh air was a necessity on the windy road to Hana. 

Relaxing Beach Day & Short Hike
Our first day began slow, and by late morning we were enjoying our first beach in Maui. We explored Keawakapu Beach, Makena Beach, and Little Beach. Next, we rolled down the top of the convertible, put Maggie Rogers on repeat, and headed to Iao Valley State Park for one last adventure for the day.

Shopping, Massages, & Dinner with a View
 This was definitely our most relaxing and pampered day. We started off our morning with smoothies at the Farmacy Health Bar Wailuku  and coffee at Wailuku Coffee Company   
Then we walked along Market Street for some vintage shopping and local boutiques. C.U.T. Market was definitely our favorite find! It is a resale shop full of beautiful pieces at a great price. I found the most beautiful, teal leather jacket, and Madison found multiple Free People items.

Next, a massage & drinks at the Four Season's Maui. One of my favorite things to do, especially when your going for a low budget on airbnb's and hotels, is to visit a few resorts for a drink or dinner. In the past we've used the swim up hotel bars, booked massages at the spa, had appetizers just for an excuse to roam some of these beautiful resorts we wouldn't stay at otherwise! 

We ended the evening drinks and dinner at the most beautiful location, Hotel Wailea. Hotel Wailea is just a few miles from the Four Season's, so it was the perfect ending to our day. Be sure to make a reservation and arrive 30 minutes early to explore the property and take as many photos as your heart desires. We walked around in awe, snapping photos, lounging in the hammock, and soaking it all in. For dinner, we split appetizers, main courses, and dessert so that we could experience it all. It was by far the best meal of the trip!

Adventure day! The Road to Hana

Great website for the road to Hana:

A few places we stopped were, Hanawi Falls, Coconut Glen's Ice Cream - located between Hanawi Falls & Kaihalulu Beach. We had lunch at Hana Farms - located at mile marker 31, just past the 'Welcome to Hana' sign.

We also stopped Honokalani Beach - the black sand beach, and Kaihalulu Beach - the red sand beach or some relaxation and admiration of the ocean and all of the brave surfers taking on the massive waves!

Two places that we didn't stop, but looked AMAZING is the Pools at 'Ohe'o, in Hana and the Pipiwai Trail-Oheo Gulch - it is a 4 mile hike - called the best hike in Maui on multiple sites.
*stock images found via Google maps. 

 *images courtesy of Whimsy Soul

Day Four: 
Adventure Day & Tattoos!

 Day four is a very early day full of adventure. Begin by leaving your hotel at 3:30am for an epic sunrise at Haleakalā National Park! To make this happen, you will need to book a reservation. Reservations are online up to 60 days in advance of your sunrise visit on After the best sunrise of your life. Check out Whimsy Soul for more information about a self guided sunrise tour!

After you've spent the morning in the mountians, head back down and stop at the Kula Lavender Farm! It's no suprise Oprah bought her home close to these gorgeous lavender fields, and you must make a stop here to take in the beauty for yourself. Speaking of Oprah, one of my absolute favorite audio books to listen to is Oprah's book, What I Know For Sure. 

We ended the day with tattoos from One Speed Tattoo by Mark Gaño! He is such a kind, talented artist, and I would highly reccomend if you want to make the trip one you'll never forget. We planned this on the second to last day, so that it didn't get in the way of us spending time in the ocean!  

Day Five:
Relax & Reflect
We took our last day in Maui slow. Luckily, our flight wasn't until 10 PM, so we were able to have a very full last day. I haven't traveled later in the evening like that often, but I'm going to try to make that happen every time from now on! It was a great way to have another full day in Maui without having to book an extra night in the hotel. We were also exhausted by the end of the day and were able to sleep on the flight home. Win, win!

For breakfast, we started off our day with smoothies from
Choice Health Bar and shopping the tiny boutiques up and down Hana Hwy.
Another great place to stop by if you're planning on doing any shopping on Hana Hwy, is Paia Bay Coffee Bar for a coffee or quick bite.

From there, we drove to Merriam's to have a drink during happy hour and enjoy the last sunset of the trip. It's about an hour drive from Paia to Merriam's, but it is a beautiful drive, especially with the convertible top down!

We slowly drove back to the airport, stopping at the beach along the way. It was the perfect way to end 5 days in Maui!

Whether you're planning an epic trip to Maui, or just needed to live vicariously through some photos during the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope you enjoyed this travel guide! I can't wait to share more travel guides with you in the future.
Cheers, friends!



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