hello blog world! it's been a minute. ;)
josh and I have trekked across the country and are now firmly planted in Los Angeles!

we are over the moon happy to finally be California residents. it's been a long time coming and over the summer we said, why not now? so we sold everything we owned, hopped in our cars and drove west. we're now living our dream life in a tiny apartment on a rooftop, surrounded by everything we love most. incredible music and that small business hustle. the beach, mountains, and desert. secret dive bars, over priced coffee, and an endless supply of incredible Korean bbq. 

 to celebrate our move, I wanted to share some photos that the ever talented kreativ wedding captured of us. they reached out to us to see if we would be interested in stepping in front of their cameras in Joshua Tree during their trip to America. and of course , we said YEEEES.

if you're in Los Angeles and want to set up a photo shoot, go an adventure, or just say "hi!" shoot me an email! xx. 


  1. so sweet! Good luck!


  2. So much love for these beautiful photos Kinsey! You both look so happy, wishing you all the best in your new home <3

    Emma xo

  3. These photos are amazing! What an amazing adventure you've begun as well! It sounds like you've moved to the right spot! I can't wait to have a house with my partner one day!

  4. i LOVE your skirt - where is it from?

  5. Welcome to Los Angeles. Have you checked out Mosaic yet?


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