Josh + Vanessa // San Bernardino National Forest


we spent the evening driving up the mountain, stopping at any spot that caught our eye. and every stop was filled with moments of standing in awe of the beauty in front of us. 

these are the sessions I dream of. 


  1. These are all so amazing. That tilt shift photo might just be my fave x

    Jianine | Oh wander

  2. Kingsley, your work is so stunning! You are the biggest inspiration to me as a growing photographer! I'm do you color your photos/what preset do you use (if you're willing to disclose that information)? Thanks! :)

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  4. These just make me so happy, and make me want to grab my camera and find the nearest couple to shoot some lovey pictures!!

  5. Love your is such amazing colour...

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  6. These are so beautiful. I could definitely feel the love between these two.

  7. Very exciting photography from your side i am just fan after seeing your amazing skills of photography. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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