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Peppermint Soy Candle // Clean Living

Peppermint is by far my favorite scent during the winter months. I have the undying urge to add peppermint to anything and everything. So, of course I've got a few peppermint candles floating around the house. This project has a sweet, peppermint scent without being too overpowering. The scent of peppermint has been used to boost your energy, relieve headaches and pressure, and can also help with allergy and cold relief. So, not only will your house smell wonderful and festive, you're actually improving your wellbeing, as well as all those who stop by your home for a visit during the cold winter season!


2 cups soy wax shavings
wooden candle wick
10 drops peppermint essential oil
10 drops vanilla essential oil
candle holder
cooking pot

 I've learned that melting it in the candle jar saves a lot of cleanup, hassle, and potential wax spills. Begin by pouring the wax shavings into the candle jar. 

Place the jar into a pot of water and place on the stove top on low. As the wax begins to melt it will condense in volume, and you'll need to add more wax shavings. 

Once the wax has completely melted and fills the jar to the correct height, remove from the stove top with a pot holder. 

Place the wooden wick into the melted wax, making sure it is directly in the middle of the jar. Feel free to add a piece of tape across the top of the jar to help keep the wood wick in place. Since the wood is firmer than a normal wick, it should have no trouble staying in place. 

Once completely cooled, it's ready to use!


  1. Wow, look amazing and beautiful pictures!

  2. This looks so beautiful, and must smell fantastic! I've never made a candle before, but it doesn't look too difficult here!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  3. I love mixing peppermint with a true lavender - it is a combo that is soothing and stimulating at the same time.


  4. I've ran out of candles, so I love the idea of trying and making some myself! Definitely going to try this sometimes soon!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Is that your dog?? What a lovely dog! Always wanted a Siberian Husky. Totally gonna try this, thanks for sharing <3

  6. This looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out.



  7. lovely photos! Do your wooden wicks work? I purposefully bought "treated wood" for mine and the flame burns out pretty quickly when it hits the soy wax. If it doesn't burn out, it just burns with a really low flame and hardly puts out the scent! Could you maybe include the wooden wick you use? Thanks!

  8. Such a nice idea to make your own candle. I am very curious about a peppermint scented candle now. Lovely photos! xo

  9. I've been really wanting to get into making my own candles for a while now, and peppermint is my favorite scent of all time. This has been just the inspiration I need to actually buy wax chips. Thanks, Kinsey!

    xx Kathryn

  10. Dear Kinsey,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas, I am very fascinated by your blog! I love candles and I will certainly try to make my own one. You really inspired me! To show my gratitude and appreciation, I would like to share a very good free app with you. It is called Carde and it is at I’ve discovered recently. All image content of top social networks is there, so it saves time. I will be looking forward to your feedback. Thank you again and have a magic wintertime!

  11. What a great idea! I didn't know you could buy wooden wicks, so great! And that last photo is SO cute! :)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I need to try this, look amazing!

    xo Caroline

  14. I've been making soy candles for a while now, and I love the sound of a wooden wick - are there any particular benefits to that as opposed to cotton wicks?

  15. I have to try this! i love peppermint :)

  16. So good. We've got all the fixings to make some more I think we'll try peppermint. It's so calming and invigorating at the same time. : ) And GOSH, could Banjo BE cuter?!

  17. Ooh, this looks like such a great project! Great for gifts, too.

    Circus & Bloom


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