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oh hey.

Spending the weekend photographing all over Phoenix. Home is currently being invaded by an ice storm, so I'm counting my blessings as I edit outside surrounded by palm trees. High fives all around for having a job that takes me to warmer places. 

Hope your weekend was just as lovely. 


  1. Your are very lucky indeed, it is about -30c here with the wind chill. :)

  2. Glad you're having fun! It's been snowing here in Chicago. Gives me an excuse to stay in and binge on TV shows on Netflix!


  3. love this photo!!

  4. that loose, delicate hand hold is absolutely golden, kinsey. such an amazing + genuine capture.

  5. Stunning shot.

  6. Lucky you :) I'm dreaming and hoping spring will come quickly!

  7. I would give anything to have spent my weekend this way - instead I spent too much money and almost died of flu (bit of an exaggeration, but I was ill...)

    Hope your week is going just as well x

    The London Project


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