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As the holidays get closer, I want to talk with ya'll about something that's very dear to my heart. This isn't a sponsored post, but something that I truly am passionate about. For the past few years, Josh and I have pulled away from the pressure to buy countless gifts, to not only simplify our lives, but to bring this season back to what it's really all about. Family, love, and helping out those in need. 

This year, we're helping out with an organization that gives gifts to families who aren't able to afford buying any Christmas presents for their children. We're connecting with a local non-profit, so I'm not going to link the specific site we're helping out with so that you can find a similar non-profit in your own community!

If you're not able to connect with a charity in your local community, another fantastic non-profit we've connected with is World Vision. Josh and I support two children through World Vision. I don't say that for a pat on the back, but to honestly say that it has changed our lives. Especially not having our own children right now, it has really opened our eyes to seeing beyond the world around us and how we can change the lives of our two sweet babies; helping to pay for their food, water, education and other basic needs. Since we've started sponsoring, I catch myself comparing everything we purchase to the equivalent of how many months of sponsorship that would cover. It's most definitely change the way we spend and what we spend it on. We don't think it's a coincidence that we've been blessed enough to be able to afford to sponsor two children, and we don't take the responsibility lightly. 

I highly encourage you to check out World Vision or a similar non-profit. You might even consider talking with your family members and instead of giving gifts to one another, sponsor a child together! Let's get back to what this time of year is all about. Love, joy, peace, and hope. 

Thank you for being such wonderful readers that I can chat with you about something so dear to my heart. You guys. You're the best.

*World Vision is a religious non-profit. A similar charity that is a non-religious charity is Freedom from Hunger.


  1. That is so so sweet!! I truly wish more and more people would give to these types of charities instead of buying thousands of gifts that they don't need. My family is really into Giving Trees--where you pick off a tag for a child who listed a gift they want and you buy it and bring it back. I just love this and I love getting back to what the holidays are for! I'm really glad that World Vision really makes you think about more and more of decisions; I will definitely be checking it out myself :)

  2. Kinsey this is awesome. My Dad is one of the Vice Presidents of WV and I'm totally going to pass this onto him. I know he'd be so thankful and appreciative that you are using your blog to promote such a fantastic concept. Every year WV sends out a Christmas catalog with different options of gifts you could buy to bless children and their families all over the world... so if people aren't wanting to make such a big commitment, this one time purchase might be a perfect fit for them >>

    xo sharon

    1. Sharon, I didn't know that! How awesome. Tell him we say thank you for all he's done. :)

  3. this is very sweet, thanks for sharing... it's true, we've made the holidays less about family and more about consumerism...

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  4. THis is something I've been trying to do as well, although through Compassion Canada. We already have so much, and I feel like giving back is more important at this time of year.

  5. Thank you for this, Kinsey - you have such a big heart and I love how every time I come to your place on the web, I leave fulfilled and inspired! And thank you for reminding us what the holiday season is all about, we have a few angels we will be caring for during the holidays, but I am going to look into these organizations also. <3

  6. Such a sweet post, and your photos are so perfect for this. I think we all need a little reminder what the true meaning of the holiday season is, as we often forget it.

    Bridging the Gap

  7. Cool post! :)
    I really like this outfit ♥

  8. What a fabulous idea. We've been trying to get away from the consumerism of the holidays as well - it can get so chaotic!

  9. I love those moccasins. So cute.

  10. beautiful and so important to help others at this time of year!

  11. Beautiful! My husband and I do the same, but through Compassion International. Both are amazing organizations.

  12. Thank you for sharing this! We always give donations to charities as gifts for family members at Christmas. I love learning about new ones to check out. xo

  13. I absolutely love this! My church promotes the same idea. Spend Less. Give More. My family and many others have begun to spend less on Christmas gifts and use the extra money we would have spent and put it toward building water wells in other countries!

  14. This is amazing, I love the idea of giving back to others in need. It is extremely rewarding. Thanks for sharring.


  15. I love the idea of giving back during the holiday season. A couple years ago, I started the tradition of not buying gifts. Instead, I went through an organization called Sumaritan's Purse and put money towards things that I new those particular family members held dear to their heart. For instance, I put money toward food for babies and childrens in the name of my mom, who loves kids so much. I think they appreciated much more than a physical gift for themselves. This year I'm doing something similar and pairing it with homemade cookies.


  16. you always have the best pictures with the most perfect words to go with them!



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