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Vest DIY Inspiration

 If you know me well at all, you know I love a simple project, and this project isn't any different. I love finding and creating simple statement pieces that can completely change the look of a basic outfit. It's easy to fall into the spell of warm, comfy clothes and let fashion fly out the window. I'm guilty of this. But instead of trying to feel fashion forward every day of the week, it's nice to be able to throw on a big comfy sweater and my favorite jeans but adding a simple statement vest or jacket, some fun jewelry and hair in a top knot, and still feel presentable. For me, this is the most practical way to feel confident with my wardrobe without spending lots of time and effort in getting ready each morning. Because let's be honest, that's just not realistic all of the time. So with all that to say, I made this vest to add to my fall/winter wardrobe for a bit of color pop to those plain jane kind of outfit days. 

This project is simple and flexible. You can use multiple different fabric types, but I suggest something thin and flexible. A thicker jersey knit is best for flexibility + warmth. 

 Take 1 1/2 yards of fabric, hem the ends all the way around. Depending on how long you want the front flaps to be, you can add or lessen the length of fabric used.

Next, fold it half width wise and mark the middle with a sewing pin.

Then, using a shirt you already have as a pattern, mark the best place to cut slits for the arm holes. I cut mine to be ten inches long. 

Lastly, hem the edges of the arm holes inward. Easy as that! 

For a more complex design, consider adding in a lining. This will give it a more polished look and also make it warmer so you can wear it longer into the autumn/winter season. My favorite way to style this piece is with a fitted, long sleeve maxi dress with a belt wrapped around the waist of the vest. How would you style this project?


  1. Fantastic!!! :)

  2. You are beyond gorgeous!! That vest is so cute!

  3. so cute

    come check out my latest post,

  4. I love this! Vests are one of my favorite accessories this fall. I wear one nearly everyday!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  5. Such a great idea! I love this, you always have the best diys!

  6. nice idea! i don't know why this technique isn't well known, it seems so simple :)

  7. That is beautiful! I love the fabric you picked.

    xo Lisa | Making Life's Lemons

  8. i love this & can't wait to try & make my own... though i'm sure it won't turn out as good because i'm terrible at sewing. but i'm going to try!

  9. I love the print, it's so Fall! :) pretty, pretty

  10. This is great- I really like your wardrobe philosophy. Kids and full time teaching with really early mornings sometimes makes me get a little lazy. I need so easy stand-bys.

  11. Super cute! I love this print and such a great light layering piece for fall.

  12. Very nice! I love the print and the way you styled it.

  13. I love this! It's so fun to "spice" up a simple and plain outfit with a fun accessory!
    Xo, Emma

  14. i love your diys always so gorgeous!

  15. This is so cute!

  16. Wow, I love this project. So simple but so effective. Just gorgeous.


  17. Lovely pictures and a great outfit! Nice DIY! :)

  18. Very.. very cute!!
    Peace & Love


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