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We can all sense it in the air. Fall is upon us. The fresh inspiration it tags along is something I tend to cling to. Fall is the season to try new things, start new collections,  be brave and adventurous, and fall in love with the simple things.

It's quite possible that I just ordered 100 dried butterflies. I've considered collecting them for some time now and thought today is as good a day as any. I think moth and butterfly collections are so beautiful, mysterious, and delicate. A lot like life tends to be.

We're in the midst of planning a kayak adventure with some of our outdoor lovin' friends. I've always taken these sort of trips in the summer, so a fall experience will be nice.

I want my closet to own a 1,000 over sized sweaters and ponchos by the end of fall. I have a few already and catch myself wearing them almost every day, and it's not even that chilly outside yet. I've definitely found my statement pieces this fall.

p.s. I found this via Laura's Pinterest. She's my absolute favorite to follow, and if our style is at all similar, you should follow her too.

Learning to cook has been on the back burner since the day I got married. I can follow a recipe for the most part, but learning how to create your own recipes, or at least putting your own twist to it, has never been something I've felt confident in. This fall I'm hoping to make a few things from scratch, tweaking it as I go. 

This fall we are going to embark on the biggest adventure we've yet to experience. I can't wait to share more about it with you.

Lately I've been in need of having a 'get away' location. A place with no work, computers, deadlines, editing, phone calls, or emails. A place to appreciate the earth I live on. I recently found the most peaceful, lovely trail with trees, fields, and winding turns. I'm always asking Josh if we can grab a cup of coffee and take a stroll. Sometimes you need a good walk to clear your head, filled with inspiring conversations about the past, present, and future, and hold hands with your sweetheart. These are the moments we are going to cherish the most. 

Fall, I'm ready for everything you have to offer.


  1. beautiful pictures! I especially love the butterfly ones.

  2. 100 dried butterflies? That's quite a start for a collection! I'm sure they'll be beautiful, I've always loved them too.

    And I know exactly what you mean about cooking! I'm great at following a recipe, but I can only stray if I'm baking (plenty of experience there). I really need to start learning to cook on my own - what better time to start than now?

  3. This post is wonderful! Love the thought that goes with butterfly collecting. I loved how you compared it to life! So true!
    And with the cooking thing... I've been learning now for the past couple years. My problem is, I don't think I've made the same thing twice yet lol... But I am finally now feeling comfortable with tweaking things as I go. But I only mean tweaks like adding in extra basil or other herbs, throwing tomatoes in, ect. Still with the super simple stuff!

  4. i love the fall - i am with you. it brings beautiful times and beautiful memories.

  5. So inspiring! and beautiful images.


  6. beautiful pictures!

  7. I love your photos!

    xo Emily

  8. While reading this post, I could just feel the peace and serenity flowing through me. Thank you - I needed it and Thank God for giving me this post at this point in the day when I needed it most.

  9. i am so with you on that last bit. my hubby and i have been exploring trails at a local park lately, pumpkin lattes in hand. we have the best kinds of conversations in that kind of setting.

  10. I love these photos! So inspiring!

    my blog:

  11. I really love butterflies; they are such majestic creatures. Thanks for all the beautiful & inspiring photos.

    <3 Melissa

  12. Such an inspiring post! Thank you. =)

  13. Lovely photos!

    xo Jennifer

  14. Lovely post and beautiful inspiration.
    So curious to see your butterfly collection!
    I can't wait for fall to start, it's my favorite season :)

    xo Sari

  15. it's been quite chilly here in the midwest. I love sweaters and ponchos as well. I hope I can scrape together quite the collection as well!

  16. I adore this collection of photos! Definitely an inspiration. Can't wait for fall! :-D

  17. Gorgeous photos. I love taking walks in nature as well. It's a great way to clear your head.

  18. I really love your photography. I continue to return to your blog for inspiration :)

  19. I'm entirely obsessed with moth and butterfly collections. My Dad used to have HUNDREDS. Then I recently volunteered at a museum, only to find they had room after room of Entomological samples. So so utterly incredible! I adore the smell, too (if you've never had dried bugs before, you'll soon learn the smell of the preservative! Some love it, some hate it, though not all moths/butterflies are preserved). Are yours pre-mounted? Make sure to put a both ball in the bug case with them, else they are very easily destroyed.

    If you ever need any info on mounting/pinning/preserving bugs, and making sure they stay beautiful for as long as possible, I'm your lady!

    Morgue x

    1. Thank you, Morgue! I'm sure I'll have lots of questions so expect an email in the future. ;)


  20. thank you love! im a little pinterest obsessed! i collect butterflies too! whenever i see them dead on the ground, i bring them home. i also have a friend who has a huge green house, and she collects them for me too!!! we used some in the last bohemian collective lookbook. so so fun. cant wait to see your collection!

  21. perfect and inspiring! thank you for sharing

  22. such a lovely post! definitely inspires me to find a nice patch of nature to escape to :)

    <3 maria

  23. I've always really liked butterfly specimen boards as well. They inspired me to create a display of clothing tags like little specimens of fashion. See it here:


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