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Four Ways to Style a Summer Scarf

Recently I received this pretty summer scarf and have since cataloged my four preferred ways to style it for the upcoming season..

Plain Jane:
There's nothing new about this style by any means, but it brings on a whole new purpose with such a lightweight scarf. We have fairly hot days in the summer, but it tends to be (in my opinion) quite a bit cooler in the evening, so I'm hoping it comes in handy for events like bonfires and late nights at the lake.

Knotted Belt:
For this style, simply tie the scarf in multiple knots (I had four) and loop it through your belt loops and tie it off at the end. The knots will help it from unraveling like it would if it was only twisted.

Another no-brainer, but this style is extremely tempting for the lazy summer days where the last thing I want to do is wash my hair. ;) 

Purse Strap:
Lastly, turn it into a purse strap for the day. Like the belt, tie multiple knots and also tie it together, making a large circle. Stuff the actual strap inside and attach the scarf underneath the flap of the bag with safety pins.

You can find other trendy ways to tie your scarf here.

Outfit details: Necklace, Courtesy of  Weeko Mika. Scarf, courtesy of Shirt, Love Culture. Shorts, F21. Bracelets & belt, thrifted + borrowed.


  1. LOVE this!


  2. Wow, that purse strap idea is amazing. Why didn't I think of that?

  3. genius idea with the purse strap! your creativity seriously has no end Kinsey, thank you for the lovely inspirations and doses of whimsy :)

  4. Holyygoodness. You are gorgeous. All the time!!!


  5. That purse idea is so cute!!
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  6. so cute!! love the purse strap idea.

    ps- the "here" link is broken :/

  7. I like the way with the knotted belt the most. It looks so lovely! *.*

  8. Love this! I love 'purse strap' the most. Great idea!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ou :) Verz good idea! I like it ♥

  10. LOVE these!!! :)
    Very pretty scarf and I love the belt idea!

    Love, Hannah...<3

  11. Great idea and such a beautiful post... as usual the pictures are stunning!

  12. Lovely! I adore scarves as headbands :)

  13. Totally summer-worthy:)

    Check out my scarf post, pretty please?

    Shubhi's Revels!

  14. Oooh I love the belt idea, great way to brighten up a plain outfit! xxx

  15. I love the idea with the bag it's amazing <3( like all you posts)

  16. I love the belt and plain jane ones!!!

  17. beautiful! I love tribal print and all :)

  18. That scarf is really gorgeous - I love how you've styled it. Very ingenious x

  19. if you got a little bit of time on your hands.. it would mean the world to me if you could check out this blog

    thank youu :D

  20. this is so lovely !! especially that embossed leather bag!

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  21. Great ideas! And gorgeous scarf!

    x Olivia

  22. I've tied my scarves to my purse straps, but I've never thought to wrap them around the entire strap - great idea! Lovely scarf!

  23. Kinsey, I am almost getting tired of how cute everything you do is. Almost! :P Another adorable post, thank you for sharing!! :)


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