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Guest DIY with Erika from Asuyeta!

Today I have a beautiful craft from a very talented lady, Erika, from the shop, Asuyeta! I'll let her take the reigns from here and share a bit about herself and this lovely DIY.

I am Erika, a fashion designer and stylist, weaving my Native American roots into my handmade clothing and accessories. I am the founder of asuyeta, meaning chosen in Cherokee. All the pieces that I hand make with so much love are 'chosen' specially for my rocking customers. I live in Boise, Idaho, with my hubby and son. When I am not taking photographs, vintage shopping, tweeting, enjoying a latte or designing one of a kind asuyeta pieces, I am creatively inventing ways to recycle your goods into 'do it yourself' crafts. You can see more of me here.
Supplies: Leather, leather punch, three fabric straps, needle and embroidery floss
Pantry Supplies: Scissors, fabric glue
 First, cut an 8 ½ in x 23 inch piece of leather. Then, fold over seven inches, making one side longer than the other so that your bag will have a flap. Next, punch holes all along the sides. Once you've punched all of the holes, begin sewing it together with a blanket stitch. Stitch the entire length of both sides and tie it off with a knot. Next, cut two 2 ¾ in x 1 ¼ inch pieces of leather. Punch holes and stitch them onto the back of the bag right along the top fold. *Optional: Measure waist and cut a leather strap 1 ½ times longer than your waist (my leather wasn’t long enough, so I used two pieces and sewed them together. You can also just use a belt that you have). Then, fringe the front fold. Your bag is now complete! To add a bit of decor, take three fabric straps and braid them together. Glue it in a continuous circle on the front of the bag. 

Thank you, Erika, for sharing this lovely project with us!

Also, Erika is offering 20% off all of her creations when your enter the code KINSEYLOVE at the check out! Hop on over to asuyeta to take a peak at what she's got up her sleeve. 

Hope your day is going swell. 


  1. this is such a fresh take on fringe! great feature kinsey :)

  2. Yes! I've been trying to bring back the hip sling bags for some time now. Both practical and beautiful.

  3. Hi Erika! That's a gorgeous bag, thanks for the DIY :)

    Rose Eva

  4. Oh this is really really lovley!
    You are so talented and I really enjoy reading your blog <3

    check out my blog if you like I've just started it but keep checking for new posts:

  5. so pretty, what a great DIY :)

  6. What a pretty pouch! Also, I really love that skirt!

  7. That is so pretty! Lovely DIY.

  8. I love the idea of a fanny bag. It's too cute!

  9. I am thinking that I will need to make this for my sister. I know she'd love it! It will a cute little surprise

  10. So nice idea :)


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