Current Obsession | Coral Lust

I think we all have had a case of the coral lust blues lately. I've been seeing it around the fashion world so much and can't help but gravitate towards its pretty tone the closer summer approaches. Here are a few pretty finds that have caught my eye...

A simple pair of wedges for any summer event. 
I'm really into the airy shape of these shorts and hope to find a few good pairs for this summer season.

Such a pretty, simple ring
Isn't this bra so beautiful? I wish they had a swimsuit version and it would surely be mine.

These sandals have my name written all over them.
Plus, take a peek at this belt! It's a great steal, and I may or may not be planning on making it mine by the end of the day.

 This necklace almost looks like coral itself! I always appreciate a piece that can be simple yet so detailed. 
 Isn't this purse so lovely? You should browse around her entire shop.


Oh look, I love another maxi skirt ;)
 Tops like such are my go to style this summer. 

 This rug has the perfect coral color palette.
 Last, but not least, this wallpaper is one of prettiest things I've ever laid eyes on. 

Do you have a color obsession you can't wait to execute this summer? I would love to know. Leave some links! 

Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend. xx 
p.s. Congratulations, Jennifer! You're the winner of the Blowfish Shoe giveaway!

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  1. I love that color and that ring so cute :)

  2. Coral is just one of those colours I always seem to be drawn to! Lovely pictures!
    Cara x

  3. i love the freshness of the color pallet and the wall paper is especially pretty. i can't seem to get enough of springs minty blue-greens, i think it'd be lovely paired with coral!


  4. I love the ring! :)

  5. These asymmetrical skirts like this one, flatter my legs so much, i love it!

     In Whirl of Inspiration

  6. You and me both! :) I love the maxi skirt with the lace cut-outs. How gorgeous!

  7. Love the wedges, bra and shorts

  8. i love coral! and especially these wedges :)

  9. Coral is one of my favorite things too! I just love the color and it looks great with everything! :)

    I really want that bag in that picture...

  10. Love all of these items! and that belt is such a steal!


  11. those sandals are amazing. i also love the ring! coral is such a great color for any season. i must say that this spring and summer i want to rock some neon!

  12. Those wedges are gorgeous! Where exactly are they from? (the first one)

    1. Click on the link (the word wedges) and it takes you straight to a link where you can purchase them!


  13. I am obsessing over this color too! I just bought that belt, along with a bright coral one also on sale for $5. What a steal! Thanks fOr sharing :)

  14. absolutely loving coral this season!

    follow me at


  15. LOVE coral, such a lovely spring/summer colour.


  16. I am slightly in love with orange and turquoise at the moment. Although we are in Autumn and heading into Winter here in Australia, they some how send me rushing back into Summer whenever I see them. xx

  17. The wallpaper in particular is absolutely gorgeous.Rx

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  19. I HEART coral, it's such a beautiful color and a literal getaway. <3

  20. Oooh lovely. Coral is a perennial favourite for me, I just love it! ♥

  21. Coral is such a pretty color- and this is a very beautiful collection of coral things!

    xo Kayla

  22. that bra is amazing! unforunately link wont work for me :(

    think it forces me to look at the EU site rather than US

    Gorgeous mix :)


  23. Oh, I had coral lust back in January, when it was still dreary out! I was itching for spring, so I re-covered my pillows in coral hues. I may have jumped the gun :)
    Love your blog so very much.
    -Kara B.


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