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I've been waiting for today with the utmost anticipation. Today is our weekly "all day date" day. It's a tradition we created when we first said our I do's. We usually begin with the most unhealthy, delicious breakfast we can muster up. While we're off enjoying our day, I thought I'd share a little weekend DIY.
1. Supplies: Leather, floral fabric, leather cord, embroidery thread and needle.
    Pantry Supplies: Scissors

2. First, cut the leather into two separate rectangles. These will be the base of your pouch, and the size depends on how large you want the finished product to be. Mine was 9 x 5 inches. Once you've cut them out, round the edges of one of the shorter sides of each piece. This will be the bottom of your pouch. 3. Then, cut out and top stitch a pretty floral pattern to one of the rectangles for the front of the pouch. 4. Next, begin cutting small slits all the way around each section of leather. The distance between each slit will determine how secure the binding of the pouch will be. I cut a slit every 1/2 inch. Lay them on top of one another with the floral side facing up and begin attaching the leather cord through the first hole on the top corner of one leather section. Secure this from slipping with a tight knot. 5. Then, start lacing the cord through the leather by going under and over, securing them together tightly. 6. Continue until you've reached the other side, leaving only one side open which will be the top of your pouch. 7. To attach the draw string, simply take a long piece of cord and weave through each hole until you've come around to the other side. Make sure you have lots of cord left to open and close comfortably. 8.  Enjoy your pretty, handmade pouch! xo - k.


  1. Love love this! This is such neat little bag!

  2. Adorable. I hope you'll have a wonderful date day!

  3. So many beautiful things you can do with leather. Love this, the fabric is a nice touch. Happy Saturday!

  4. Ой, так миленько.

    Ты очень красивая!

  5. So pretty! I love the pink against the brown leather :)

  6. It's beautiful!


  7. lovely! Enjoy your 'all day' date :D

  8. This is so cute! I love it, and I love your dress too! :)

  9. that is very cute :)


  10. This is so cute, Kinsey! Definitely gives me a bunch of ideas to try out myself. I hope you're enjoying your day together! ^.^


  11. What a cute idea! Thanks for sharing :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  12. love it!!!!!!!!

    kisses from Spain!

  13. very dainty!


  14. this is so cute!!!! great diy!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  15. so creative!! and inspiring!!




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