!!Free Printables!!


Ever since I started working with Canon USA and using the PIXMA iP8720, I've wanted to create new prints every single day (I think I might be driving Josh crazy with the ever changing art on the walls). My favorite feature of this printer is the wide variety of print sizes you can make. You can virtually create an entire art wall collage with prints of all shapes and sizes without ever leaving your desk. 
Canon project - print downloadsCanon project - print downloads-2
Since I've been on a print making frenzy, I thought it only fair to share a few free printables with all of you! Below are links to the digital download of each image.
1// everything is going to turn out just fine. 2// the mountains are calling and I must go. 3// give me all the flowers. 4// horse print.
I used the "give me all the flowers." print on a tote bag to take packages to the post office, and I framed the "everything is going to turn out just fine" print above our breakfast nook.
Canon project - print downloads-10
Canon project - print downloads-8
Canon project - print downloads-6
A few different project ideas you could do with these prints is putting one on a t-shirt, pillow, phone case, screen saver, or a collage for your wall. Happy printing! 



I've spent the last couple of days glued to my desk and for good reason. Finishing up a million weddings and a zillion sessions. October proved to be my busiest month this year, and I couldn't have picked a better month to be swamped. It seems like every wedding and session the past few weeks had the most incredible light, colors, and mood. 

With that being said, I wrapped up Mac's senior session today, and I thought I'd share a few favorites. Thanks October for doing your thing. 

Jewelry Shelf DIY


I've been on the hunt for a new wall fixture to store jewelry, perfume, and other beauty products I use on a daily basis. I kept finding pieces that could either only hang jewelry, or only had shelving. So I thought, why not make one with both? This is my first project collaboration with Canon USA and I couldn't be more excited about this partnership!

wooden crate
wooden planks for shelving
three printed photos
mug hooks
shelf supports
mod podge
foam brush
wood stain *optional
First, I stained the crate and planks with a dark walnut stain. This step is completely optional and subjective depending on the aesthetic of your home. Let the stain dry overnight. 

The next step is printing your photos! For this project, I used the PIXMA MG7120 printer. My favorite part about this printer is the fact that I can print from anywhere in my house on virtually any electronic device with their built in wifi technology.
I chose three images from various road trips I took last year. To create the correct size images, measure the inside of your crate and divide the height into three. My images were 9x4.3 inches each. Once printed, cut out each image.

Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the inside of the crate, and place your images right side up in the order you prefer. To avoid bubbles underneath the images, lay them down very slowly into the crate, smoothing out any wrinkles as you go.

Next, with a drill create holes on the sides of the crate for the shelf supports. You will want to get shelf supports that have a flat end so that a sharp screw won't be sticking outside of the crate once attached. Line the holes up where the images meet. This will allow the shelves to cover where the images meet, and also create an even space between each shelf. Once you've drilled holes, attached the shelf supports to the crate, then the wooden planks to the shelf supports.

Lastly, attach the mug hooks to the base of the crate, giving you a place to hang necklaces. You'll want to make sure you purchase hooks that won't poke through the wood once screwed in. 
I used a crate that has a raised base, perfect for hanging on the wall. If your crate is flat, look for wall hooks to attach to the back of your crate.