we're hosting a giveaway over on our Laeda IG account (, so be sure to check it out and follow along!

p.s. we had a tiny hiccup our first few launch days, but we are now offering international shipping on all of our products!


LAEDA // We've Launched an Etsy Shop!!!

After months of planning, sewing, designing, and creating, Laeda is finally live for the world to see.

I know I haven't mentioned this project on my blog yet, so here's the gist of what Laeda is about:

Laeda is a handmade shop designed by my dear friend, Sarabeth Sadler, and myself. Our products consist of a number of things with the primary focus of living intentionally and organically. We wanted to create products that not only are good for you, but beautiful as well. So whether you're buying an organic beauty product, a bag for your yoga mat, or blanket roll for your next road trip, we want Laeda products to enhance, magnify and add beauty to your everyday life, one piece at a time.

I can't begin to describe how wonderful it feels to finally have this little shop of ours up and running. Check out our website at , or shop directly at our  Etsy Shop.