Joshua Tree

road tripping out west for three weeks with my two loves. Josh and I are celebrating five years of marriage (what?!) and packing in as many adventures, hikes, and camping spots as we can. Joshua Tree has been one of my favorite spots for as long as I can remember, so camping beneath the trees and open sky was a dream I've always had and we finally got to make that dream a reality.

next stop, San Diego! 



  spring is here. 

which means life is crazy with traveling and documenting stories all over the country about 80% of the time. the other 20% is officially dedicated to the slow moments - gardening / planting new plant babes, bon fires until early morning hours, and drinking wine on the porch with all my favorite people. 

life feels pretty damn perfect. 

shirt, c/o Zaful / necklace, c/o Macy's 

ps. with all my traveling, I'm in constant need of new music and podcasts to listen to. any suggestions? 

Room Tour


the first day we saw our home we weren't able to go inside, just peer through windows and dream of what it might look like if we got to call it ours. this room in particular grabbed my heart the most. I envisioned filling the entire window ledge with plants of all kinds.

this is our favorite "chill" space. we've spent countless evenings piling all our friends onto our big DIY couch for a movie night, and other days sipping wine, talking with a dear friend until the sun comes up. but the morning is my favorite time in this room. the sun pours into the windows and all the leaves turn their way to light. I'm usually the first to wake up, so most mornings are spent here alone, listening to the birds chirp, watering my plant babies, or just drinking a cup of coffee in the silence. even if it's just for ten minutes, this ALWAYS shapes the day in the best of ways.

there is still much to do in the space. I plan to paint the walls white so it's a bit brighter, and build a massive book case to cover the other two walls. but I've come to be at peace with unfinished home projects and let them happen when they happen. until then, I'll just be hoarding more and more plants until we can't fit anymore.  

thanks for taking a look into a small corner of my home!

dress, Make Me Chic // chair, iKea