black & blue.


In-between seasons can be the hardest to style, but once you find your niche, can be the most fun! When coordinating outfits between summer and fall, I like to mix my favorite pieces from both seasons. Here I've mixed together shorts + boots and a crop top + a sweater. Layering is also such a fun element when it comes to dressing for the in-between seasons. Since it's not quite cold here yet, I've been layering lots of sheer, thin articles of clothing. I also try and stick within a muted color pallet. Here I've focused on blacks and blues. This way I can wear lots of different styles without my outfit looking too loud, so to speak. If you want to add a bit a color to a muted outfit, add some bright accessories!

I've got the next few weekends free of weddings, and I'm looking forward to relaxing, cooking, evening walks, and doing just about every cheesy fall celebration we can think of.

clutch, c/o fashionABLE // sweater, c/o Seamly // cross strap bra, c/o Choies // top, XII // shorts, thrifted // socks, UO // boots, thrifted


editing for daaaaaayz. so many weddings.

take me back to SF please. 

sidenote: bonus points if your favorite second shooter should have been a model.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends. I'm going to keep on editing the hours away and listen to Vance Joy on repeat.

Pumpkin Spice Candle // Clean Living


This candle has fall written all over it. Enjoy!


2 cups soy wax shavings
wooden candle wick
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cardamon
1 tsp ginger
5 cloves
10 drops vanilla essential oil
candle holder
cooking pot

Begin by melting the wax on the stove top on low. Once melted, mix in spices and essential oil. 

Pour the wax into the candle holder. Wait a few minutes for wax to cool a bit, then insert the wooden candle wick. 

Next, place a piece of tape over the top of the candle holder, keeping the wooden wick in place so that when the wax hardens, it will be centered. 

Once the wax completely hardens, your candle is ready for use!