Knotted Crown Hair Tutorial


 This hair tutorial is similar to the braided crown we've all come to know and love, but with a twist; er, knot. Here's how it's done:

Supplies: hair pins (5-10 depending on the length/thickness of your locks.)

Part your hair down the middle. Take a section from the right side of the crown of your head.

Separate into two strands. Take these strands and tie in a knot, like the first step in tying your shoe.

Repeat this step over and over, creating a row of knots. When doing this, you'll want each strand to be smooth so you won't create frizz and break the ends of your hair. To make these strands smooth, slightly twist the strands as you continue to knot.

Once you've made knots to the end of the strand, wrap to the back of your head and pin in place.

Repeat steps 1-4 on the left side.

After you've wrapped and pinned both sides towards the back of your head, tuck the loose ends under the knots for a clean, more polished look. Add hair pins throughout, securing the knots from falling out throughout the day.

*try this*

Add wild flowers throughout the knots during the day for a care-free, bohemian look.

For a polished look, wrap the loose ends into a low bun. Great for an interview, business meeting, or date night. 

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