The ground is covered in fluffy, white snow, and it feels like Christmas more than ever. My office space currently looks like a tornado of fabrics, papers, coffee mugs and clothes. The goal is to get my giant to-do list done and out of the way so I can enjoy the next week of holiday festivities. Speaking of goals, I'm going over goals I'm planning to make for next year and the word that keeps popping in my head is efficiency. I think my biggest downfall as a business owner is focusing on working hard, rather than working efficiently. I feel like this rolls over into my personal life, too. I will definitely touch on the subject again in the near future once I've curated through the list of goals, weeding out the unnecessary and highlighting the important ones. But for now, I'm focusing on creating efficient goals, plans, and steps to make 2015 count in the best of ways. 

Are there any topics/words/specific inspiration that sticks out to you as you write down goals for 2015? Share in the comments below!

outfit details: pants, c/o Choies // white top, Free People // floral top, UO // sweater, DayTrip // shoes, ShoeMint // hat, XXI


Holiday Printables from Free People!


Free People reached out to this weekend sharing their holiday greeting cards and gift tags. I, of course, said, YES! These cards and tags are a breath of fresh air compared to all of the cheesy holiday cards we're all used to seeing float the cards aisles. And you're in luck, because they are FREE to download. That's right. Free. 

You can download these printables here. Happy gifting!

30 Minute Christmas Gift DIY (Pt. Two) // Knitted Turban Headband


This project started off as a gift, but I may just have to keep this one for myself. ;) Not only do turbans help keep your ears and head warm during this cold winter season, but they're also handy when you're having a not-so-great hair day. 

supplies: stretch knit fabric, scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine.

Begin by cutting the knit to the correct size. Mine was 46x10 inches.

Once cut, fold in half lengthwise and sew the hems together, creating a long tube. Flip the tube right side out so that the hem is no longer showing. Next, stitch the ends together with the hems facing inward, making a large circle.

To form the knot in the turban, lay it down flat. Twist in the middle, creating the infinity sign.

Twist again.

Then, fold in half, creating a knot.

Lastly, stitch the back layers together to keep the knot from unfolding. This will also prevent the back from scrunching up when being worn.

You can find the first 30 minute Christmas gift idea here