oh my heart.

I still can't believe this is just a thirty minute drive from our front door. honestly, I feel like not growing up close to the mountains was a good thing, because as an adult I'm that much more mesmerized by their beauty. I've spent enough time in airports, and enough money on rental cars just to spend a few days in the nature to know how precious it is to be just a quick drive away from this very spot.
I'm going to print these photos for the pure sake of never falling into the trap of taking these sights for granted. if you'd like to purchase one of these photos for yourself, hop on over to our Society6 page. we'll be updating this page as we continue to travel and explore the world. 

cheers, k. 


we spent Christmas day on the beach. it was our first Christmas in California, and we are soaking in the warm weather and sunshine. I don't know how we ever waited so long to move here - every day feels like a vacation. 💛

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with laughter, hugs, and a good glass of wine. 



the imperfect road trip.

 earlier this year we took a trip along the west coast with some of our best friends. a few people in our group had never seen the pacific ocean before. their awe and giddiness was infectious, and it brought back that feeling of greatness and gratitude that I experienced the first time I saw it too. 

without going into too much detail for the sake of privacy, one thing that was really special about this trip was our intentional focus on being present. each one of us was going through something during that trip. some relationship related, some job related, others just a feeling of being unsettled in life. but we were all open and honest. we had conversations that were inspiring, vulnerable, and brave. we gave each other space when needed, and a hug when needed also.

 no trip will be perfect, and even if the trip is perfect, you might not be in a space mentally to enjoy it that way, and that's okay. give yourself space to go through something, even if it's during a time that you should be *having the best time ever*. this trip wasn't perfect by a long shot, but it was exactly what we needed in that moment. if I've learned anything, it's to travel with people who you can show your whole heart to. who will give you the space to heal and process, but also still remind you to be grateful for the beauty in front of you.

thank you to my loyal readers for allowing this space to be a place of honesty and love. 

cheers, friends.