Paperless Post GIVEAWAY!!!

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I'm partnering up with Paperless Post today to share an amazing giveaway!

There's something so special and nostalgic about snail mail. When you get a tangible letter or invite in the mail, it feels intentional and personal. We're using some photos that Kreativ Wedding Photography snapped of us for a house party we're hosting in a couple of weeks, and I couldn't be more excited to send them out!

Paperless Post offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind invitations. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or baby shower invitations, Paperless Post is the place to get invites that are going to stand out amongst the rest.  They are giving away 1,000 points (retail value $90!) which can be used on beautiful invites and so much more! 

Here's How to Enter:

Visit Paperless Post and tell us in a comment which invite is your favorite, along with your email address! 

This giveaway is open until 12:00 pm, Friday, February 3nd, and the winner will be announced and contacted soon after. Good luck!

oh my heart.

I still can't believe this is just a thirty minute drive from our front door. honestly, I feel like not growing up close to the mountains was a good thing, because as an adult I'm that much more mesmerized by their beauty. I've spent enough time in airports, and enough money on rental cars just to spend a few days in the nature to know how precious it is to be just a quick drive away from this very spot.
I'm going to print these photos for the pure sake of never falling into the trap of taking these sights for granted. if you'd like to purchase one of these photos for yourself, hop on over to our Society6 page. we'll be updating this page as we continue to travel and explore the world. 

cheers, k. 


we spent Christmas day on the beach. it was our first Christmas in California, and we are soaking in the warm weather and sunshine. I don't know how we ever waited so long to move here - every day feels like a vacation. 💛

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with laughter, hugs, and a good glass of wine.