Tyler + Sarabeth

you have bewitched me.
body and soul.
and i love you,
i love you, 
i love you. 

two of my favorite souls will be married in 13 days. a few weeks ago we took an evening to document the love they share a few weeks before becoming husband and wife. enjoy.


iceland // round one

oh Iceland. you beautiful, magnificent place.

here's a small collection of photos from our trip. I haven't had the chance to sort through most of the photos just yet. which actually feels exciting, like I'm reliving it all over again.

multiple people have asked me what my favorite place to visit was, and I'm not sure I have an answer for that. there's something in the wild air of iceland that makes you feel so small. a calming wildness that can't be tamed, only appreciated.

rest assured I have dozens and dozens of more images to share. until then....