I've been listening to the podcasts, Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert all week and I really wanted to share with you one of my favorite episodes.

such a raw, intimate, inspiring podcast between two powerful women who are making a difference. give it a listen. happy weekend, dear friends. 

top, c/o SheIn // ladies and gentlemen, I present to you - my dream coat. 
via The Shop on Melrose - los angeles



C + K

and the smiles turn into laughs, 
and the laughs turn into kisses - 
and before you know it,
the days turn into weeks-
and weeks into months.
and you'll find yourself 
forgetting what it was like
before they were in your life.


Caleb + Kelsea - Prescott, AZ 2015

Hey Los Angeles... I'm headed your way!

I'm heading for LA, November 3-11 and have session slots available in LA and the surrounding area.

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